Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bizarro Speak: Why Spelling and Grammar are SO Important!

Spelling and grammar are really important. As an English major I've always tried to be very aware of the importance of 
Bizarro Speak
spelling words correctly and using the correct word. If I didn't know what it meant or how to use it, I'd look it up.
We'll definitely be skipping this egg hunt!
Unfortunately, about half the population isn't good with spelling words properly, and it drives people like me crazy.
   In my office, there's a woman who is in a management position, and has a degree in communications and even a master's degree (somehow), that can't spell or write in a grammatically correct manner to save herself. In fact, her spelling and grammar is atrocious, and every day in emails in and outside of the office there are misspellings. It's embarrassing. Even more so because emails have the ability to do spell and grammar checks. She's also quite careless. Here are a few examples just in the last week:
  She recently wrote to a television production company, " The animation is are (instead of "our") highest-resolution."
AND, then she wrote "Yes, but you always to the job of three over 1."  (instead of "do" the job)
"Subject: I is at my desk"  
    I call this "Bizarro speak" after the Superman character who is the "imperfect duplicate" of Superman and speaks that way. For example, he says "Me am Bizarro." That's exactly how this woman communicates in emails. 
-    Anyway, if you don't know how to use a word, look it up (,, etc.). 
-    Do a Grammar and Spell Check before sending important emails (friends won't care as much and you don't have to impress them, but it's a good habit to get into).

Finally, Happy Easter. Here's one poor speller that is going to drive people away in droves. This is one disgusting egg hunt that we don't want any part of! 

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