Friday, March 27, 2015

Wonderful Weimaraner Workout - Agility Day!

Rob and Dolly headed for a tunnel

Thanks to the DC Area Weimaraner Club, this past Sunday was an all-day Agility training day for Weimaraner parents!  
     Many of you know that I've been taking our 5 year old black and tan Dachshund Tyler to pre-agility training for the last year. Every night after dinner at home, I've been training him for at least 30 minutes a night and Dolly, our 10 year old Weimaraner joins in. Dolly has learned everything Tyler has learned (Franklin the 10 year old Dachshund who had back surgery in Sept. does a limited few things now). Dolly loves the training just as Tyler does, so when the DC Weim Club posted information about the special all-day event, I  KNEW that Dolly had to go. 
Karin and Oliver looking at the A Frame

 On Sunday, March 22, Dolly and I spent the day from 9am to 4 p.m. with other Weim parents including our friend Karin and her Weim, Oliver. Karin manages the DC Area Weimaraner Rescue that Tom and I help out with.  (SEE VIDEO OF DOLLY'S FIRST JUMPS BELOW)

Rob guides Dolly over the first of three jumps!

LOTS OF CHALLENGES -  Kathy, the Agility teacher was wonderful, and in 7 hours, all the weimaraners did the ENTIRE course, which included 2 tunnels, a tunnel with a large cloth at the end, jumping through a tire, going over an "A" frame, stopping on a "table" and holding for a 5 count, slowly doing the teeter-totter, jumping THREE pole jumps and then walking a long thin platform!

DOGS WHO PARTICIPATED - Dolly, Oliver, Cody, Juno,  Piper, Zeus and Carter (and I can't remember the others!) 
    By the end of it, when we each did the entire course of things all together, Dolly was amazing. She, Oliver, and one other Weim were the oldest (each 10 years) and did so well. I was so proud of Dolly, that it just choked me up.
Oliver going through a tunnel
Oliver loved the agility!

Karen and Oliver doing the A-Frame
    We are now going to enroll Dolly in agility training because you CAN teach an older dog new tricks.  - Rob 
All the Weimaraner parents and the amazing Weimaraner Agility Stars!
The best kind of day


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