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Classic Graphic Novel Collection: DC Showcase Presents The House of Mystery

I love comics from the 1970s and 1980s. During that time there were some horror/mystery comics that i never read but am enjoying now. The House Of Mystery was a comic book series that was about different aspects of the supernatural.T This collection contained 552 pages for $16.99 and was packed with classic short stories. Every night at bedtime I would read one or two of them. There were some really imaginative writers and some great artists in this issue and for anyone that likes weird stories (and short ones), I recommend this! - Rob 

Classic Graphic Novel Collection: DC Showcase Presents The House of Mystery Volume 2.
This collection includes stories from HOUSE OF MYSTERY #195-211. These fantastic black-and-white tales of mystery and suspense from the 1970s feature thrilling stories with surprise twist endings that will keep readers on the edges of their seats!

Here's a great assessment of the 552 page collection, that says it perfectly from Bookgasm
(SOURCE: www.bookgasm.com -House of Mystery Vol.2
SHOWCASE PRESENTS THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY: VOLUME 2 reprints 17 consecutive issues from the early 1970s of DC’s venerable terror anthology title. 
   As always, our non-intrusive host is Cain, the caretaker of the House of Mystery, who introduces the handful of short stories in each issue, supplemented here and there by single-page collections of wordless panel gags by Mad‘s Sergio Aragon├ęs. The tales themselves often involve bad guys getting their comeuppance in a “twist” ending, entirely but comfortably predictable.

    These stories involve tried-and-true elements such as a guy fighting off vampire bats in a castle, a ghost ship, a village of wish-granting “little people,” alien visitors, haunted houses, a snow beast, Egyptian curses, werewolves, animal kingdom revenge, demonic soul-swapping and swamp creatures.
    Among the literally dozens and dozens of stories, three stand out for differing reasons: “The Poster Plague” is a peculiar mystery about posters that appear all over a college campus promoting events that already have happened, with a black-humored sick ending. “This Evil Demon Loves People!” is a clever case of an infant who can wish people into his baby bottles, and “The Exterminator” is one story that truly gave me chills. Let’s just say it involves spiders.
      Whether old or new, the level of talent involved in HOUSE OF MYSTERY is amazing: Bernie Wrightson, Wally Wood, Alex Toth, Gil Kane … the list goes on.
     There are still plenty of rooms left in THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY for DC to continue putting these SHOWCASE editions out for those of us too young the first time around. Here’s hoping they’ll also tap Cain’s brother Abel and his HOUSE OF SECRETS. It’d be an easy way for them to get me to part with my money. –Rod Lott

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