Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Disney Trip Part 5: Tobie's Wacky Adventure, Ride the Pony!

Jeff, Tobie, Tom, Rob on a Disney Ferry
This is the 5th blog about our 2 day trip to Disney World during the last week of Feb. This blog focuses on our wacky, no-shame, fun-loving old friend Tobie. 

Tobie took the reigns of the wooden pony
WHO IS TOBIE? -  Tobie has worked for Disney for many, many years, and he is a Disney-holic. In 1995 when I (Rob) lived in Orlando for a year, I was Tobie's roommate. He's easy to love, energetic like a puppy on crack, has a great sense of humor, no shame and laughs a lot and loudly. He's from southern Louisiana originally, so I've always thought of him as a "crazy cajun."   He's a lot of fun and he was on our day in the Magic Kingdom!

Tobie Whooping it up through the restaurant on the pony
RIDE THE PONY - Tobie insisted we have lunch at the Disney Wilderness Lodge, and we took a ferry there. During lunch, Tobie arranged with the waiter to bring out a wooden pony - that they ask Birthday guests (we were celebrating Jeff's 50th) to ride through the restaurant. Jeff was embarrassed and convinced Tobie himself to do it. (Remember I said Tobie has no shame).  
   Of course, all in fun, Tobie took the horse and galloped with it through the entire restaurant (during the packed lunch hour) with his arm in the air, whooping and hollering as everyone laughed. It was hysterical and so memorable!!

Jeff and Tobie strike a pose at Thunder Mountain
STRIKE A POSE FOR A LAUGH- It took about half an hour for all of us to stop laughing after the restaurant, but Tobie was just getting started. He wore a tee-shirt with a picture of a woman on the back striking a pose with her hands in the air- and he wanted to replicate that at Thunder Mountain- so he convinced Jeff to accompany him. They stood facing the ride and posed with their arms outstretched for a picture. Again, hysterical!  

Rob, Jeff, Tobie and Tom
EEEEEK! - Tobie came back to the hotel with us for an hour so he and Jeff could take a swim in the pool (it was 86F and very humid). After their swim Tobie went into a small room outside the bathroom to change while Tom was in the bathroom. Tom came out and saw Tobie in his birthday suit, and Jeff and I heard a screech from Tobie followed by a laugh. Tom was laughing, too, but now he's in therapy.

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Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!
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