Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Take the Test: True or False? 8 Rumors on Email

Every month, we like to run through the latest email rumors and accusations and find out if they're true or false. Most of them are false, but there are some that are surprisingly true. Take the test below and see how you do.
  • 1) Rumor: An Oregon school punished a young child marked tardy by placing him behind a cardboard barrier.
  • 2) Rumor: Instagram has banned the term "I am a born again follower of Jesus."
  • 3) Rumor: Actor Morgan Freeman said that he finds the concept of Black History Month to be 'ridiculous.'
  • 4) Rumor: Michelle Obama is set to propose a national "Hug a Muslim" day.
  • 5) Rumor: Photograph depicts a sign at Target informing customers purchasing pork or alcohol to choose another lane to accommodate Muslim employees.
  • 6) Rumor: Mattel launched a Burka Barbie doll for its 50th anniversary.
  • 7) Rumor: Thin Mints Girl Scouts cookies contain crack. 
  • 8)  Rumor: Nabisco is producing Fried Chicken Oreos

ANSWERS: 1) TRUE 2) FALSE 3) TRUE! - That one surprised us 4) FALSE  5) FALSE  6) FALSE   7) FALSE 8) FALSE

OBSERVATION: Why is it that the falsehoods are always about liberal or democratic people? Why do some conservatives feel it necessary to make up lies to get their constituents riled up against liberal people?  I have not yet seen any falsehoods made up by liberals about conservatives, oddly, although I'm sure they're out there. 


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