Friday, March 6, 2015

Disney Trip Part 2: Coronado, Architecture Check, "Made for Each Other"

Rob and Tom's Breakfast
 This is the second blog about our two day Disney adventure that will highlight the Coronado Resort, the Architecture Checks, and "Made for Each Other"
EASY TO GET AROUND - During this trip we stayed on the Disney property to make it easier, and ensure that we could get around by Disney transportation and not rent a car. That worked well, and buses come often. However, sometimes at the parks, certain buses don't go to certain resorts, but you just have to ask. 
The Coronado on our first foggy morning

CORONADO RESORT - This was a Mexican and Spanish themed resort and it was nice. I liked how the walls were well insulated and it was quiet at night. There was also a ceiling fan in the bedroom, which helped, since the humidity was near 100% (yes, in late February).

Tom bringing coffee and tea
BREAKFAST - I know that Disney needs to make money, and confirmed it with my (Rob) breakfast. All I eat for breakfast are pop tarts and coffee, and I got that for breakfast at the Coronado's breakfast place. At home, I pay $2.50 for a box of 8 poptarts, and at Disney it was $2.50 for a package of two.Tom had a muffin and tea every morning - yes, we're creatures of habit, and not big eaters. :)

Tom at Main Street
Jeff in a pastry shop on Main Street
 MAGIC KINGDOM MAIN STREET - We went to the Magic Kingdom on the first of two days. The rain had stopped that day, and it was just cloudy, humid and about 85F (which is hot for that time of year).  Since there's not mu

Jeff and Tom doing an Architecture Check!
ARCHITECTURE CHECK!!  - Wherever we go, Tom loves to check out the architecture and construction as well as the materials used to build structures. Tom had a field day at Disney, tapping walls, studying floors, windows, etc.
Rob and Tom plotting the day, Jeff in back

Rob and Tom wearing the same tee shirt- unplanned!
 Jeff said that Tom and I are made for each other because we have the same habits, likes and dislikes - and he's so right. Not only that, but this time we inadvertantly even dressed alike!  **We packed our bags at different times before we left, so neither of us saw what the other was packing. On the morning of day one, while Tom took a shower I put on a tee shirt in the other room. Tom dressed in the bathroom and came out wearing the SAME EXACT TEE SHIRT!  It said "Keep Calm and Hug a Weimaraner." (Our dog Dolly).
  It's even more strange because we only have a couple of tee shirts that are identical. Even funnier is that Tom doesn't usually like to wear the same shirt as me.
  We noticed that we were wearing the same shirt just before we left the room to go to The Magic Kingdom, and I told him that we were "Made for Each Other" and that was the perfect way to show it. :)

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Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!

Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!
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