Friday, August 23, 2013

UK Trip Blog #45:More Fun at the Palace Concert/The Gray Rush!

Cliff Singing "Wired for Sound"!
In short, Cliff Richard is a fantastic showman.  We were thoroughly entertained and Tom enjoyed making fun of the audience.  In fact, Cliff made a joke and told a story when he was at a restaurant and a waiter thought he recognized Cliff, but told Cliff, "You can't be Cliff Richard - I thought he was dead." :)
   Anyway, accompanying Cliff on stage were two young, hot looking guys on guitar who really knew how to dance- that was also worth watching!  
    Some of the hits you may remember are "Dreaming," "We Don't Talk Anymore," (See 30 second video at the bottom of the blog) "Devil Woman," (See 30 second video at the bottom of the blog) "A Little in Love," and "Suddenly" (with Olivia-Newton John).  (More info:

Hampton Court Palace lit up at night!

A sea of gray hair!

THE GRAY RUSH: A SEA OF GRAY HAIR!  - As I mentioned in the last blog, because Cliff has had hits in every decade since the 1950s (he started his career in 1958), there were a lot of seniors in the audience. Tom noticed that against one wall of the castle there was a line of wheelchairs with elderly folks. Suddenly, when Cliff started singing "Move It!" one of his first hits, a sea of gray haired women rushed the stage!  They stayed there the rest of the concert, singing along and waving their arms.
  Of course, we had to look twice, because when they waved their arms we thought it was flags flapping in the wind! (I know, I'm bad!).  
Cliff is STILL Hot!

GREAT PICTURES- Cliff is 72 this year, and just 2 years ago he released a calendar, and this hot pic of him was included in it. Wow, he looks amazing.  BTW- I recently read his autobiography and loved it. He's so progressive. He's never been married, and believes in marriage equality, he loves everyone, he funds many charities around the world, he's been knighted... I could go on -but his voice, songs and music are great!

Cliff's real name was Harry Webb

 A NEW FAVORITE CLIFF RICHARD SONG! -    During the concert, I heard a song from Cliff that I hadn't heard before that I totally love!  It's called "What Car" and it was on an 2004 CD (that of course wasn't for sale in the U.S.- but we got it at the concert). Here's the video of the complete song from You Tube. I usually play it 2-3 times in a row while driving. :) 

BELOW: Short videos from the concert at Hampton Court Palace of "Devil Woman" and "We Don't Talk Anymore"

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