Saturday, August 24, 2013

A posting from a 24 year old: How an Aunt almost caused his suicide

Social media has been very helpful in saving the lives of gay teens and young adults struggling to find acceptance in ultra-conservative areas. It infuriates me that people who have relatives that "preach God" push young gay people toward the brink of suicide (and many commit suicide daily in the U.S. alone).  On Facebook, I'm connected to one page called "Coming Out or showing support" ( where young gay people write in explaining their desperate situations (they're usually horrifying from the treatment they get from family members and peers). This one gave me hope. This young man finally stood up against his "religious" aunt, who pushed him to the verge of suicide. If you think this doesn't happen today, read this post. YOU can help others that you see are dealing with this kind of rejection, and give them support. Suicide is not an answer. Please consider helping a gay teen or young adult.

From Jeffrey: August 21, 2013
Hey everyone i posted on here many times. My name is jeffery. I am a 24 year old gay male. Well recently my aunt and i got into an argument about me being gay. I knew coming out would have a good and bad part. Good because i can finally be myself and bad because of people that think like her. But what she said hurt me. To the point i wanted to end my life. She started by telling me that i am going to hell and that i am living in sin. My comment was, its not your place to judge me. And what she said next broke me down. She told me that my dad would be ashamed up me and disown me. And that i will never be with him in heaven because i live for the the devil.

To help yall understand why it affected me so much. My dad passed aways at 36 years old. I was 14 at the time. It was my first day of high school. I never got to tell him good bye or that u love him. That day after getting to the hospital 30 minutues late. I found myself on the roof edge of the hospital. But the thought of not being able to be there for the people i love. I backed away from the edge. I stayed depressed for 6 almost 7 years. So after all this time i have grew stronger but that woman always brings my dad up. To break me down.

Yes i cried and yes i felt like giving up. But then i realized, she is not worth falling apart for. She is just closed minded, judgemental, and hatefully. So i done the best thing i could do. I told her she is no longer part of my life. That i will no longer allow her to mentally hurt me.
And that way the end of that.

My Response:   Good. Hateful, judgmental, negative people really have no place in your life. You need to surround yourself with positive people. I've run into people like that (in family) and they're not worth dealing with. Her hatred is blinding her to what life is about. For her to call herself Christian is offensive to people who are. You have taken a major step in life. No one should ever tell anyone they are "less of a person." In fact, it is those that belittle and insult and judge others that are bad people. Very proud of you for standing up for yourself and separating yourself from the negativity. Keep that in mind throughout your life.

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