Thursday, November 1, 2012

What the President HAS Accomplished

Attn Independent Voters- Here are some things to consider: Yes, Pres. Obama isn't the best U.S. President BUT - here's what he's done: 
1) Found ways to make health care available to kids up to 26 yrs old - I Needed that in the 80s - 
2) now prevents insurance companies from dropping people with "pre-existing conditions. - and 10 other health care things I cited yesterday on our blog ( - I'd like to know who thinks these things are bad.  
3) Obama is not going to try and pass legislation to Invalidate ALL gay marriages around the U.S., including my marriage of the last 3 1/2 years.
4) Obama is also not going to force Rape and Incest victims to have babies of their rapists or relatives, like the new GOP platform states.
5) The bailout measures saved GM and other companies, and allowed for fixing roads and bridges (much needed). 
6) He repaired the Damaged foreign relationships caused by the Bush Administration over the previous 8 years.
6) He got us out of that hell-hole called Iraq as promised, and is working to get us out of Afghanistan.
7) He gave the okay to remove Osama Bin Laden that our troops did so incredibly! 
8) He's reduced the extreme limitations from the "No child Left Behind" program that many teachers I know personally said was financially devastating on their schools, and ineffective. 
9) He's NOT going to make seniors find their Own insurance with a voucher for $6k annually. My 85 yr old mother wouldn't have a clue where to get it, and 6K wouldn't cover her medications- On a fixed income, where is she supposed to get the Rest of the money for her Prescriptions?
10) Obamacare helps make health care affordable by creating insurance pools.
According to Premiums in Blue Cross-Blue Shield's popular standard plan next year will total $236.30 biweekly for self-only coverage and $553.30 for family coverage. That's $472.00 a MONTH on your own (The Republican Plan). Under Obamacare, premiums would be much more affordable (a fraction of that cost).  
- --- I can give a lot more reasons, but these are just some of the reasons why I'm voting to keep him in power. Women's rights, health care for all, Civil Rights, Education, Infrastructure, keeping medicare and more. 

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