Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Tom! : Rob's Tribute

Tom, Sprite, Franklin and Dolly
It was 49 years ago today, the love of my life came into the world, so I'm celebrating big-time. Today is Tom's birthday, and we enjoyed a great two day trip to Disney World to celebrate in advance. Every day is a great day when you find the one you love. It's such a comfort to work together and know each  other so well that you can finish each other's sentences or know what the other is thinking. We laugh at least once a day and that's the secret to a great relationship. When we get grumpy, we give a little space, then laugh at each other afterward.
Rob and Tom in Mexico
   Tom is an architect, and strives for perfection in everything (well, we have perfection together in my opinion). He's got a fun, goofy side. He's meticulous and is all about cleanliness (I call him Mr. Monk). He used to collect Matchbox cars, he loves English Tea. His favorite movie is "Pride and Prejudice," and his favorite TV series is "The Tudors." He's very much into the history of the Tudor reign in England (King Henry VIII), thus, our amazing trip to England. He shares my interest in ghosts and spirits, and we both belong to Inspired Ghost Tracking. He's got a great sarcastic sense of humor and loves the sarcastic shirts I buy for him (which he proudly wears).
Tom's sarcastic "Grumpy" shirt
Tom's "funny how you think I'm listenting" shirt

We're both passionate about politics and civil rights for all. We're also both passionate about our dogs, Dolly, Franklin and Sprite and love working with the Weimaraner and Dachshund rescues - taking in foster dogs, and helping the regain health and find forever homes.  We love our Wednesday night routine of comic book night for me (when the new comics come out) and we load up the dogs in the car, get breakfast sandwiches and coffee and tea at Dunkin' Donuts, and get my comics.
   Being meticulous, Tom likes things perfect, so he has to fold the laundry. When I fold it, he just re-folds it because I can't fold it to his liking. He's easy-going when it comes to eating, and likes what I cook (Tom doesn't cook) and often we'll split a sandwich and fries when we go out, or bring home the other half of our full sandwiches for another meal. We also walk the dogs together and catch up on the day with each other, and like to exercise together.
Giving Chance a big hug
  Tom takes meticulous care of the yard and is always outside, planting, grooming, raking, sweeping, mulching, trimming, etc. even over the winter months! As a result, the yard looks amazing. Being an architect, he continually comes up with ways to improve the house and designs them, too.
    Tom does like reality shows (that I don't care for) like "Pawn Stars," and "Lizard Lick Towing," and "Stupid Criminals" and "Stupid Drivers" (or something like that). He loves people watching and seeing people do stupid things - and you'll find a lot of that on reality television!
   When there's nothing on TV we settle in for DVDs of "Murder She Wrote" or "Moonlight." We both don't like going to the movies because people don't know how to turn off their cell phones or behave, so we rent DVDs. Tom and I like the "Twilight" movies, and of course, superhero movies.
    During the week, ,we always enjoy wrapping up the day with dinner watching Judge Judy, dog walking, exercising and winding down in front the TV. That's perfection, just like my Tom.


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