Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What is a Mormon? Watch this brief Banned Mormon Cartoon

This "religious" cartoon of the Mormon doctrine is on You Tube. It was produced by the Book of Mormon.   It's also one that no Mormon wants you to see. These people are a Cult, and Not Christians.  It says that Jesus and the Devil were brothers. Black people are denigrated as lower people. Elohim is the Mormon God from the PLANET "Kolob. Kolob is a star or planet described in Mormon scripture where the "Gods" reside. The Mormon Gods live and thrive on Planet Kolob with multiple wives. They say that the Mormon "God" Elohim came to earth with one of his "Wives" to become Adam and Eve.. THEN their "God" had sex with the "Virgin Mary" and gave birth to Jesus. *It says that Jesus had 3 WIVES and had many children and their "founder," wacky Joseph Smith from the late 1800s said he was a direct descendant of Jesus. There's more, but this reads like some Wacked-out, sick, twisted, religion-meets-science fiction story. Watch it yourself....

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