Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dog Rescue - A Heartbreaking Night

   Working with two dog rescues has been very rewarding, but not everything works out, and when that happens it's tragic. This past weekend, our friend Melissa, who is the rescue coordinator for the Dachshund rescue we work with contacted us. She told us of a 5 year old long-haired Dachshund that was turned into the local shelter in our county. The shelter had a vet check out the little 15 pound dog, and noted "Chronic rear limb deformities in hocks and stifles and luxating patellas (right leg worse)." The other thing the vet's report noted was "Needs to see neurologist ASAP."
   We drove down to the shelter the next day, Monday, and met the little guy face-to-face. It was so heartbreaking. He was in a large cage next to 5 other dogs that were injured, but each of those dogs watched us as we walked in. The little dachshund did not even look up. He seemed to have given up on life whereas the other dogs still showed a spark of life and determination to go on with their lives.
  After working with both coast-to-coast Dachshund and various Weimaraner rescues for many years, we've never encountered a dog that didn't seem to have the spark in their eyes and the desire to go on, until that night.
  The little long-haired dachshund is beautiful dog, but he appeared withdrawn and in terrible pain. Although he let Rob pet his head for a brief period of time, he snapped when Rob tried to make him more comfortable. It was obvious to us that he was in a lot of pain, and his head and body kept shaking, that made us think of neurological damage. The dog briefly stood (for seconds) and then lay back down quickly, curled up. He was very  anti-social, and snarled when the shelter assistant tried to attend to him. It was evident to us that it would take a lot of medical treatment and socialization to give him some semblance of normalcy. In addition, the vet's assessment mentioned previously, further suggested the dog would not be an adoptable candidate for the rescue.  
   It was heartbreaking to see this little dog in such severe pain. He didn't seem to welcome nor want human interaction, and his demeanor was in such marked contrast to the other 4 injured dogs in the same holding area. 
    It appeared to us that this little dog had given up and wanted to move on.
    It was a sad encounter and we realize that we can't save them all, which is sometimes the most heartbreaking.  But we continually remind ourselves that we are limited and can only do so much.
    We walked out of the shelter and Rob cried for the little dog. We hope he finds peace beyond, playing with other dogs who have crossed over, where he'll be pain free and whole again. 

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