Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not My Day...

Monday. That says it all. Today was definitely a Monday.
- Our 7 year old Dachshund, Franklin has been on antibiotics for 3 weeks now, and has had his paw treated, drained, etc. twice now at the vet because something either stung him or he got something in his paw that infected it.
 - I've been bathing his foot twice a day for about 2 weeks, giving him antibiotic, applying medicine on his paw and wrapping it in a clean (baby sized) sock daily. (I affix the sock with velcro around his leg, so he can't pull it off! - clever, eh?).
 - Today I had to take him BACK to the Vet at lunch to get blood drawn in prep for surgery. Yes, he has to have it surgically drained this week. ICK.
 - Once I returned home and pulled the truck into the driveway, I got the dogs out (Dolly came with Franklin and I, and Sprite stayed home).  I was getting Franklin out of the truck when the house and truck keys  slipped out of my pocket onto the seat and I didn't see them.
 - Then I hit the auto lock, thinking the keys were in my pocket.  When I closed the truck door, I saw them on the truck seat.  DAMN!!  Of course, it's 95F Outside and  the HEAT INDEX was near 100F. 
   So, I called Tom, and he came home from work in 20 minutes. Thankfully he works close to home now.
   Meanwhile, Franklin, Dolly and I sat in the sun porch with the ceiling fan going and I was able to set out a bowl of fresh water for them (we have a bowl in the backyard, and the outside faucet works, thankfully). Once in, I again cooled off the dogs with cool water and I took a shower because I was dripping wet from sweat. ICK. How do people work outside in this weather?

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