Sunday, February 20, 2011

People Who are Cruel to Animals DESERVE HARSH PENALTIES

We can't stand to hear about people being cruel to animals, and because we work with a Dachshund and Weimaraner rescue we hear a lot of stories. Our little 14 year old foster dog needed 7 teeth pulled, had never been fixed, had fleas, worms and no vaccines for YEARS. He's healthy now, thanks to the rescue. 
  But the cruelty isn't just in ignoring your pet's health. Idiots (mostly teenagers and young adults, and the idiot Michael Vick for example) torture dogs and cats. Dog-fighting, lighting dogs on fire, hanging them (like that Bible-thumping 63-year old Wacko woman who hung a PUPPY because it chewed her Bible in So. Carolina), and chaining them outside for WEEKS without food or water causing a slow death by starvation. 
 - What's even MORE horrible is that ALL of these Criminals think they've done nothing wrong. Even the older woman said "the dog was possessed by the devil." I believe it's the other way around. She's possessed...These people need SEVERE punishment. 
  RALLY IN ANNAPOLIS FOR HARSHER PENALTIES ON ANIMAL CRUELTY - The Baltimore Sun reports that Animal welfare activists rallied Thursday in Annapolis to show their support for a bill that would stiffen penalties for violating cruelty laws. (YES!!!)  Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold testified at the hearing and said the case of a Siberian husky known as Bear-Bear was the impetus for his pitching the legislation to Del. Robert Costa. Bear-Bear was shot in a dog park last year.FULL STORY:
  Here are some stories in just this weekend's news from Baltimore, Md. - what about the rest of the country?
Two Severn teens charged with animal cruelty
SEVERN, Md. - Two 16-year-olds are facing animal cruelty charges after Anne Arundel County police responded to a call about what appeared to be a dogfight.Shortly before 5:30 p.m. Thursday, a caller told police that there were about five people watching two dogs fighting in the woods near Athena Lane and Loving Road in Severn, according to a police statement. 
  Police said that as they arrived, the group scattered, running toward Arwell Court, which is in the Orchards of Severn community. Officers arrested two teenage boys, one of whom was carrying a pit bull puppy by the neck. Police took the dog to a nearby veterinarian.
BALTIMORE, Md. - Prosecutors said Friday that they will retry the animal-cruelty case against brothers Travers and Tremayne Johnson, who were accused of fatally setting fire to a pit bull in 2009, after the first trial ended Monday in a hung jury.  The new trial is scheduled for May 4.

American Bar Association Supports Justice for Victims of Animal Cruelty - Full Story: 

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