Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Infuriating Conversation with Md Catholic Conference: on Marriage

On Tuesday the Maryland Legislature was hearing testimony for and against legalizing gay marriage in the state. Mary Ellen Russell, the executive director of the Maryland Catholic Conference was testifying that gay marriage is "against God."
 - So, after work, I called the Md. Catholic Conference and had what turned into an infuriating conversation with a woman who answered the phone. I told her that marriage is a civil right, not limited to religions. I told her that people who don't believe in a God or have no religion are free to marry. The divorce rate is 67% for straight couples after 5 years of marriage. She said "God created marriage and you'll see how WRONG your sin is when you die." God didn't create marriage, people did. She infuriated and insulted me.
  I explained that I used to belong to the church until they started using parishoners funds to fight gay marriage. Why in the hell would anyone support someone who is trying to deny them of a civil right?
 I understand the need and benefits of religion. I believe in God. I used to love my religion. BUT, there is a fine line that they cross when they politic. 
 People who are so convinced that their religion is the best religion, and that it should set rules for all other people are narrow-minded and ignorant. Not everyone believes in one religion. After the woman said to me "If this country was run by mXXXXXs (another religion), you would be murdered," I had to hang up. Yeah, these people are doing God's work... NOT. All I heard was hatred and intolerance. Way to go, Maryland Catholic Conference. No love there.

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