Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Historic Londontown, Md: Part 3: Secrets of the Model Homes and Why it was Abandoned

Slave quarter home
This is Part 3 of our blog on historic Londontowne. The Maryland colonial town of Londontowne was a of a former colonial seaport founded on the South River in 1683. The town disappeared after about 100 years and was resurrected as an archeaological site where buildings are being reconstructed. In today's blog we'll take a look at some models of homes that existed from the 1680s to the 1740s when the town was abandoned. 

  During the 18th century, many trans-Atlantic tobacco ships would gather tobacco at London Town before sailing to England and Europe where the tobacco was traded for manufactured items, spices, and other goods from around the globe. When these ships returned to the Chesapeake, merchants based in London Town would advertise these wares in the Maryland Gazette.
Londontowne, Md is located on the South River
   Once a thriving port with England, Africa and the Caribbean, a series of events caused it to decline and disappear by the 19th century, including its non-selection as a tobacco inspection station, economic depression, and the Revolutionary War.

HOUSE TYPE 1: SLAVE QUARTERS - The slave quarters were constructed out of wood, and had two chimneys. It was two floors, and the bedrooms were on the second floor.  There was a small model of this house in the museum. 

HOUSE TYPE 2: RESIDENTS / NON-SLAVES - The residential houses of non slaves seemed to be made of brick. They also had 2 chimneys and two floors. Since they were made of brick, they were more well-insulated for the winter cold than the wooden houses. These houses also had many more windows. 

NEXT: The Londontowne Carpenter's Shop and Tobacco Barn

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