Sunday, October 29, 2017

Annapolis Ghost Walk Part 1: Funny Saggy Boo_s? & Haunted Mann's Tavern

L to R: Tom, Sterling, Rob, Sean
The perfect way to get in the "spirit" of Halloween is to take a ghost walk through and old, historic city like Annapolis and that's what we did with friends Sterling and Sean. In this blog, first we'll share a funny situation and then a haunted tavern story. 

ABOUT THE TOUR - "Watermark" and Historic Annapolis Tours created a new tour for 2017 that includes a walk through the historic "Sands House" that was a private residence for 300 years. It was walking tour of the city for 1 hour and 45 minutes with a costumed guide. It was great! Sadly, the tours ended on Oct. 28.

L to R: Saggy's wife & tour guides: Saggy, the coordinator, 2 female pirates
THE FUNNY INCIDENT OF "SAGGY BOO_S"! - When we were waiting inside the first floor of the Historic Annapolis Museum several of the tour guides were there, except for ours as it turned out. A woman in costume was assigning visitors to tour guides. When I checked in and gave my name there were two other costumed female tour guides standing against the wall next to me. 

Saggy Boots, our tour guide
The coordinator said to me "Your tour guide is "Saggy boots"" and I thought for a minute she said "saggy boobs." Apparently so did the 2 other costumed female tour leads because  when I looked over at them to figure which one of them it was they laughed.  One of the women said "There is nothing sagging on us. Don't look at us."  Then the coordinator repeated, "I said the name is Saggy BOOTS."  We all got a good laugh. Of course 5 minutes later the only male tour guide arrived and it was indeed "Saggy Boots." 

Mann's Tavern Sign
HAUNTED MANN'S TAVERN - One of the stops that Saggy Boots took us to was a place formerly known as "Mann Tavern." It's now a Mason lodge. The story he told was about an electrician who went to work in the basement of the building before the Masons took it over. It was the daytime, but since the electrician was working in the basement, he had to use a flashlight. He put the flashlight down on a box and put his tool bag beside him. The flashlight rolled away so he picked it up. He went to reach for his bag and it was suddenly 10 feet or so behind him instead of beside him where it he put it. Hmmm. He went back to work on the electrical box and the flashlight rolled by itself again. He put it back. He reached into his bag to find it was again 10 feet behind him. He pulled it back again. Both things moved again and when he looked up he saw the shadow of a man at the door!  That's when he quit!  Wouldn't you? 


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