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Ireland Trip blog Part 21: Galway's St. Nicholas Church, Lynch Castle and "Lynching" & Ghost

Oscar Wilde Statue in Galway
This is our Ireland Trip blog Part 21:  Galway's St. Nicholas Church, Lynch Castle and the origin of the word "Lynching." In addition, we saw a statue erected to honor Oscar Wilde in downtown Galway. These were more stops with Brian Nolan on our "Haunted Galway Walking Tour."

OSCAR AND EDWARD- English writer Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), who was born in Ireland, and Estonian writer Eduard Vilde (1856-1933), both of the same generation, sit on a bench together. Sculptor Tiiu Kirsipuu, who modelled the writers according to photos, has noted that the year she had in mind when she created the sculpture was 1890, when the two Wildes could have met for a witty chat.

Lynch Castle
THE LYNCH FAMILY - MAYORS OF GALWAY FOR CENTURIES -  The Lynch family are so well known as to need little introduction as one of the Tribes of Galway. They arrived in Ireland with Hugh DeLacy, and were sufficiently well established to supply the majority of the Mayors of Galway during the 15, 16 and 17th centuries. Fine castles and seats remain in Galway City, Newcastle, Barna, Drimcong, Lydican, Moycullen, and Shannonbridge.We saw the one in Galway.

A seal on Lynch Castle
Ornate carvings on Lynch Castle
   For more info about the famous Lynch family, visit: http://www.galway-ireland.ie/lynch.htm

 LYNCH CASTLE - This Town Castle is Galway’s best example of a fortified house, built by the prosperous Lynch family in the 16th century as protection from the raids of the chieftains of the 14 Tribes. Spanish decorative motifs are visible on its stones, along with decorative windows and the Lynch family coat of Arms. The Lynches were a wealthy family, many of whom served as Galway mayor (for 129 YEARS!)

The "Lynching Window"
ORIGIN OF WORD "LYNCHING" - In the late 15th Century, James Lynch, sent his son, Walter to Spain. Long story short, His son murdered someone on the ship back to England.  The mayor had no choice but to hang his son for murder. The story goes that " On reaching an upper window overlooking the street he fastened a rope around his son’s neck, secured the other end and launched him from the window hanging him in full view of the crowd assembled below." The hanging then became known as "Lynching." The window was preserved from this tragic and horrible act and sits propped near a church. For the full tragic story, go here: http://www.legendquest.ie/mayor_lynch.html

ST. NICHOLAS CHURCH - located at Market Street,Junction of Mainguard Street and Lombard Street.,Galway,, Ireland, is known for housing the remains of the first Mayor Lynch.
  According to the church website: The Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas is the largest medieval parish church in Ireland in continuous use as a place of worship at the heart of Galway's life. A tour through the Church will allow you to glimpse the part of its rich history. You will see signs of the iconoclasm of the soldiers of Oliver Cromwell.
  For more information, visit: http://www.stnicholas.ie/history

ancient tablet in the church
The monument haunted by the church ghost
GHOST IN CHURCH!  When I (Rob) was walking around the back of the church, near a monument with a Celtic Cross (the 1916 monument), I sensed an ancient church goer who still stays for every mass. Yes, a GHOST. This ghost remained in shroud, and I couldn't tell if they were a man or woman- just a dark figure, heavy in grief, and around the monument, which suggests that they lost someone in the 1916 war. The ghost did, however, tell me - and made me feel that the end of their life brought them an intense pain in the head, specifically in the left ear. They died of an infection or fever that brought that pain. 

Inside of St. Nicholas Church

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