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Ireland Trip Part 14: "Chemists," Rubbing Alcohol, Doppelgangers, Comics

This is Part 14 of our Ireland trip blog. This blog contains some interesting observations that we had during our time in Dublin and features: "Chemists," Rubbing Alcohol, Doppelgangers, Comics.  
A Pharmacy in downtown Dublin
"CHEMISTS" AND THE RUBBING ALCOHOL CONUNDRUM-  Pharmacies are typically called "Chemists" in Ireland, so it was unusual to find a "Pharmacy" in downtown Dublin. We went in one and learned that "rubbing alcohol" or isopropyl alcohol is not sold on shelves in pharmacies. WHY? We were told that people were actually buying it and ingesting it to get a high. That was pretty surprising.  We learned that a lethal dose of isopropyl alcohol by mouth in adult humans is about 8 ounces. Why anyone would be that desperate to drink is unfathomable.
The lethal dose of isopropyl alcohol by mouth in adult humans is about 8 ounces.  - See more at:
The lethal dose of isopropyl alcohol by mouth in adult humans is about 8 ounces.  - See more at:

Artwork that reminded us of our friend Isabella the author!
LOTS OF DOPPELGANGERS - SEEING PEOPLE AND THINGS THAT REMIND YOU OF OTHERS  - You know how you can go to a foreign country and see someone or something that reminds of you of a friend back home? 
   As we walked through Dublin, we saw SO MANY people that resembled and sometimes strongly resembled friends and people we know.
   We saw people who looked like our friends Matt Quarrick, Mike Roosa, Jeff B. and others. In fact, there were about 20 people, male and female that we took double-takes on.  So, we know where some of their roots were from!
   One particular painting on the side of a building even reminded us of our friend Isabella (people around the world know her as Adult Fantasy author I.R. Harris).

DIFFERENCES IN COMICS- As a comic book fan, collector and reader, I (Rob) always try to pick up a comic book in different places we vacation. What's interesting is that some countries, like England, will combine 3 or 4 issues of the U.S. regular monthly Batman and Detective (which is another series with Batman) comic books into one big issue (not a graphic novel). Ireland, however, just sells the U.S. monthly individual comics.
  As I mentioned in Blog #3 of the Ireland trip back on May 23, I found some comics at "Sub-City Comics." I found a couple of stores in different cities, so I know that if we retire there, I can still get my comics! 
  When I was there I picked up Issue #1 and #2 of "Batman and Robin" in the Convergence series  - and that will always remind me of Dublin!

NEXT:  Ireland Trip Part 15: Dublin Walking History Tour with a fiery, fun, red-headed Irishman!

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