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Ireland Trip Part 13: Dublin Ghost / History Walk: Handel's Messiah Debut, Haunted City Wall Gates

Tom outside the Dublin City Wall Gates

Welcome to The hauntingly part number 13 of our Ireland trip blog. After touring the historic Boyne Valley we went back into downtown Dublin for a Ghost and Historic Walk through the city. Here you'll encounter the haunted city wall and see where Handel made a debut.   

The remains of the theatre hosting Handel's debut
HANDEL'S MESSIAH DEBUT IN DUBLIN - You may know the classical piece "The Messiah" but you may NOT know that it made its debut at a theatre in Dublin. The only thing that remains of that theatre on Fishabmle Street, however, is the front door frame. The theatre has been since replaced by other buildings.  Messiah received its world premiere on April 13, 1742, during the Christian season of Lent, and in the decidedly secular context of a concert hall in Dublin, Ireland.
  HOW DID IT HAPPEN? - Handel's decision to give a season of concerts in Dublin in the winter of 1741–42 arose from an invitation from the Duke of Devonshire, then serving as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Handel arranged a subscription series of six concerts, to be held between December 1741 and February 1742 at the Great Music Hall, Fishamble Street. Handel had his own organ shipped to Ireland for the performances; a harpsichord was probably also used.

St. Audone's Gate
GHOSTLY GATE - St. Audoen's Church is located at 14 High Street, Dublin. The church stands inside the great Dublin wall, which used to circle the city. Part of that wall is St. Audoen's gate. St. Audoen's Gate  is only of only few remaining gates of the old medieval wall.
   The guide mentioned that at one time a  woman accused of being a witch was burned alive on the gates, and haunts the property. The tour guide mentioned people felt things, heard noises and noticed little collections of stones on the path from time to time. Although we didn't sense anything specific, like a ghost, there was a lot of really BAD energy there and it was an uncomfortable feeling.

 Medieval Wall of Dublin
DUBLIN WALL GATES- According to our tour guide, this huge rock wall was built around the city of Dublin in 1240 A.D. According to the Dublin City Public Library, the City Wall and Gates were erected to protect the inhabitants in the city. It was one of the main entrances in the medieval city and is now in a state of good preservation after being restored in 1976.

St. Auoden's church

Walkway around the cemetery of St. Auoden's Church

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