Friday, May 22, 2015

Ireland Trip Part 2: Dublin Part 1: Panti Bliss & Ireland votes today on Marriage Equality

Vote yes for marriage equality
On our very first day in Dublin, Ireland, we kicked off our trip by meeting a world-famous figure named Panti Bliss, who stands for marriage equality around the world.

It's not a coincidence that I'm posting this blog today, because today, MAY 22  is the day that Ireland votes to amend their constitution to include Marriage Equality for gay marriages. When we were there, there were "VOTE YES" (and vote "no") signs everywhere.  It was very exciting.

   It was also sad that the same kind of crazy conservatives exist there that try to squelch rights. However, the Irish People don't listen to them and are FED UP with the institution of church after all the sex scandals there.  As a result, churches have a lot less attendees and no more political power (AS it should be everywhere). So, the people of Ireland are voting on equality, and are not being influenced by a divisive religion (Can you tell we're fed up with organized religion who get into politics in the U.S.?)

Tom, Rory (Panti) O'Neill, Rob at PantiBar
The PantiBar in Dublin
WE MET THE WORLD-FAMOUS PANTI BLISS!  One of the first things we did when we arrived in Dublin (after our nap at the hotel) was to go to the bar owned by Rory O'Neill, also known by his stage name as Panti Bliss. Panti, is a drag queen and gay rights activist from Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland. In November 2007, he opened the self-titled 'Pantibar' in Dublin. 'Panti' is short for 'Pandora Panti Bliss] Panti danced on stage in Japan with Cyndi Lauper during her 1994 Twelve Deadly Cyns Tour, has hosted talk shows, been in theatre productions, radio, film and won several awards. He's world famous.  He has given famous talks around the world about gay rights and marriage equality and will REALLY make you pay attention. Click here for more info.
Pantibliss poster

  On Monday, May 18, Mary McAleese, Former President of Ireland  gave in incredible speech: "Why My Family is Voting YES to Marriage Equality."   She needs to give this talk to the U.S. Congress. As an intelligent politician she clearly and concisely outlines why marriage equality should be and how marriage has grown from the past. 
 She cites:

 - Did you know women were not allowed to own property in the past? 

 - Did you know that women were considered property?
 - Did you know it was okay for a husband to rape his wife? 
 - Did you know it wasn't until 1968 in the U.S. that people of different races could marry?
YES. Marriage has grown and changed.  It needs to continue growing and changing to respect all citizens.
This level-headed, clear, factual talk separates church and state, and provides all reasons why gay marriage should be a reality everywhere. 
  Take the 24 minutes to watch, or just LISTEN to it. It is eye-opening. If you didn't understand the need for marriage equality before, you'll understand it now. 

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