Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ireland Trip: Eating in Ireland & Special Video of "Chef" Crusoe the Dachshund

Fish and Chips was Rob's choice
We continue leading up to our Ireland trip with some prep stories!  This one is basically about the food and how we worked around the expenses of it, with a BONUS fun video from our favorite Celebrity Dachshund, Crusoe working as a Chef.

FOOD CHOICES  - One thing we noticed is that there is NO turkey or turkey burger in Ireland, and that happens to be a favorite of ours. Chicken dishes are also limited, much to Tom's disappointment. However, most places had Fish and Chips, so Rob was happy. There were burgers, and we noticed a lot of lamb (which neither of us care for). Tom did have Shepherd's Pie one evening. 

A tasty pre-packaged sandwich
MEAL COSTS IN IRELAND - We noticed that the costs of sandwiches for lunches were between 7.50 and 10 Euros (that's about 9.00 to 12.00!). Dinner was MUCH more expensive and ranged from $15 to 25 Euros (that's about 18.00 to 30.00 a plate). Since we're light eaters, that was ridiculous to us and we had no way to "Doggy bag" food and eat it later. We also learned that most places STOP serving sandwiches after 6pm and make you buy the expensive dinners. That made us crazy because we usually just eat sandwiches for dinner. Again, not big eaters here.

Opt for the Tea!!
HOW WE HAD AFFORDABLE AND INTERESTING LUNCHES - Small convenience stores and pharmacies (or chemists as they're known in parts) sell pre-made, packaged sandwiches on white or wheat bread. We ate these almost daily (when we didn't just settle for Tea and Scones - which are very filling). The prepackaged sandwiches were about 2.50 Euros ($3:25) and coupled with an iced tea, we each lunched for about 5 U.S. dollars. The sandwiches included chicken and stuffing, chicken and corn, tuna and corn, chicken and bacon. We often took them to benches and watched people walk by making for an
Skip the coffee!
interesting lunch.  Of course, we're both pretty easy to please, and don't need any elaborate place to eat. We just enjoyed it together.

COFFEE OR TEA? - I (Rob) am a HUGE coffee drinker and Tom is a tea drinker. Ireland is made for Tom and they serve the best tea (we liked "Barry's Tea"). The coffee is NOT good. It's like the mud my mom used to make (she was Italian) where you a spoon would stand up in the cup! So, after I tried the coffee the first time, we then always BOTH opted for hot tea. 

In this video episode Chef Crusoe the Dachshund prepares “tagliata di manzo” – which essentially means, sliced steak.Enjoy!

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