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A Heart-Wrenching Rescue Story: "Nathan Thomas"

Nathan on his way to the vet
I'm writing this blog in memory of a dog we never knew, other than through a rescue, and through his experiences posted on facebook- but it's one that will touch everyone deeply. 

In mid-June, a 15 year old Dachshund named Nathan was rescued thanks to Corinne Zoscak (President) of Sophia’s Grace Foundation ( .

NATHAN'S POOR CONDITION - Nathan was a senior Dachshund that was abandoned at the twlight of his life by obviously callous and uncaring owners. Nathan had a huge benign tumor on his chest (under his neck) that weighed him down. The rescue immediately took him to the vet and his tumor was removed. 

On June 23, Corrine wrote:   Our sweet little Nathan is at the vet's office today The vet says that his massive tumor MUST come off, and while he is under he will give him a dental. Please send him all the good thoughts, prayers and healing energy that you can muster. This guy has not had the best 15 years so far, but we are going to do everything within our power to make sure he is well-loved and as comfortable as possible for the rest of his life! Donations toward his surgery are appreciated and will be gratefully received via the "donate" link on our website:
REPORT OUT OF THE VET ON JUNE 23 at 3:14 p.m:  Nathan's immediate foster mom, Suzanne Shaver Miller reported:  Ok folks the latest is, Nathan is out of surgery. He did fine with no problems. Waiting to see if he wakes up enough to come home tonight or he spends another night being monitored and comes home tomorrow. But the good news is the tumor on his neck is gone, his teeth are fixed and our boy is on his way to healthy!!!

RENAMED "NATHAN THOMAS" -   On June 25, unbeknowst to me until later in the day, Tom covered Nathan's expenses and Corinne named him "Nathan Thomas."  This is the kind of things we like to do for dogs because they deserve it.  Corrine the Posted a note on Facebook saying because of Tom's help, Nathan was renamed "Nathan Thomas."

Nathan after surgery
On June 25, I wrote an email to Corrine. She wrote me back saying "Yes, Nathan is the dog with the large tumor – but of course that nasty thing is history now! He has had a few folks express interest in him, however I would be honored to send him your way once he is healed if you are serious. He did not deserve the raw hand that life dealt him, but we can’t change his awful past…we can see to it that his future is filled with much love and care!"

The operation was a success, but Nathan was struggling to recover at his foster parent's home. At 15, it's like being 85 in human years for a Dachshund and it was too much for his little body to handle.

On July 12, Nathan passed in his sleep.
Tom saw the posting of Nathan Thomas' passing first and read it to me. It was really hard to hear. 

CORRINE WROTE ON JULY 12 -  We are so grateful that we get to report such happy news on such a regular basis in rescue, that sometimes we forget that things do not always turn out the way we would like them to. It was with a heavy heart that I must report today is one of those days. Nathan Thomas passed away peacefully in his sleep last night. He put up a good fight, but this poor kid was too far neglected for too long and sadly rescue came into his life a little too late. Run free with the Angels, sweet boy

TOM WROTE:   So sorry to hear this news. I wish that he could have had lived just a little while longer so that he could have known love, comfort, peace and a home in the last years of his short life.

Tom and I are both heartbroken. The poor little guy. What a tough life he had. At least he's at peace now, and he knows how many came to his rescue. Special thanks to his foster mom Suzanne Shaver Miller and to Corrine Zoscak who made it all possible to give Nathan Thomas a lot of love at the end of his time here. We are so proud to work with such incredible caring and compassionate people. We hope that Nathan Thomas is finally able to chase squirrels on the other side. We know that he's smiling and thankful for the outpouring of love he received in his last year on Earth.


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