Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Investigation: A Dirty House and Mr. Monk's Nightmare

  I posted this on my ghost/spirit website- but the underlying theme of a clean, orderly house is so important we're posting it here. 
This was Mr. Monk's Nightmare House!

  Recently Tom and I took part in a ghost investigation and entered a private home being rented by 4 adults in their 20s. The home's inhabitants were complaining of dark shadows and bad feelings. The team that we belong to always investigates private homes who believe there is paranormal activity, and try to debunk it first. If there is something there, we remove it.  Well, it turned out that there was a lot of negative energy inside the house because of people practicing black arts - again, please NEVER use a Ouija board!
   Whenever anything is in disarray, dirty or disorganized, negative entities can feed off of it, and become empowered. Negative energies, like ghosts or even dark entities (non-human) can draw energy from the feelings of stress created by disorganization and filth. 
   We entered a house with black mold in the basement (which can make people physically ill, trigger respiratory problems and in some cases lead to death), and garbage piled up throughout the home. Tom left in 30 seconds and the residents were shocked (likely because they were on drugs). Anyone that knows Tom, knows that one of the many reasons I admire him is that he likes cleanliness. I mean Mr. Monk-like cleanliness - operating room clean. So this was truly Mr. Monk's worst nightmare (and ours!). The home even smelled so bad that I had an asthma attack!
  The residents who lived there also had animals, and dogs and cats have much more sensitivity of smell - and it was extremely painful to them (I could tell). In fact, it appeared the poor dogs hadn't been bathed in over a year. The filth and neglect was disgusting and harmful to all - mentally, physically and spiritually.
nice, clean house! 
  It turned out that there were 2 dark entities in the home and they were feeding off the filth and disarray. So I recommended a thorough cleaning, repainting the walls (which were drawn on with crayon and pen), playing soft music to invite positive energy, opening shades (which were closed) and lighting white candles  - both to bring in light, and throwing out almost everything they could.
  Negative energy, ghosts and dark entities will fester and strengthen in dirty, unorganized environments!
  Pick up and throw out papers, trash, things you haven't used in a year - organize it. Bathe yourself and your animals daily and weekly. Take out the trash. Bring light into your home - Make it a positive energy-filled place where no dark things would want to linger, and you'll be inviting good spirits of people who passed to watch over you, and even beings of light and love.

    This was by far the most disgusting place we have ever seen.  It was truly Mr. Monk's worst nightmare. 

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