Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dog Rescue Adventure: Bringing Little Huck Home to Jon and Erin!

We were waiting for Julie to bring Huck
Julie arrives with Huck for the next leg
On Sunday, May 5, Tom and I worked with Bonnie Blue Rescue of Virginia as part of a number of volunteers to transport a lovable puppy named Huck from a shelter in Connecticut to his Mom and Dad who live in Richmond, Virginia. 
Huck gets comfy in our truck
Rob and a sleepy Huck
  We've never worked with Bonnie Blue Rescue before, and we were amazed by their organization and coordination. The initial coordinator was vacationing in Hawaii, but she posted the need for a transport from northern Baltimore to northern Virginia on Saturday, May 4th. I (Rob) saw the posting and responded immediately that Tom and I would do it. 
Huck gives Tom a big kiss!
  The coordinator then handed the transport organization off to another coordinator named Natalie who provided a detailed and time-scheduled handoffs for Huck's travel on Sunday, May 5th. Natalie sent out an email that included these details:

Tom gives a Huck Hug
Passenger: Huckleberry; Breed: Lab/Hound mix; Age: 14 weeks;Size: 22 lbs

SUNDAY, MAY 5 - Here's how the transportation schedule worked:
Joanne brings Huckleberry to join the transport in Southbury, CT!

Leg 1: Filled by Cate!  Southbury, CT - White Plains, NY; Leg 2: Filled by Emma! White Plains, NY - Elizabeth, NJ; Leg 3: Filled by Marianne! Elizabeth, NJ - Woodbury, NJ; Leg 4: Filled by Maggie! Woodbury, NJ - Elkton, MD;
What a lovable face!
Leg 5: Filled by Julie! Elkton, MD - White Marsh, MDl Leg 6: Filled by Rob and Tom - White Marsh, MD to Springfield, VA;  Leg 7: Filled by Jon and Erin (his new parents!)  Springfield, VA - Richmond, VA  
 OUR EXPERIENCE:  Huck is adorable!  He didn't bark and settled quickly onto the doggy mattress and comforter in our truck's cab. Such a well-behaved boy!  - We worked with Jon and Erin via phone to get to a closer pick up point when they ran into bad traffic, and met in Springfield. They asked that we video the meeting, and Tom took the camera. It was awesome! We look forward to hearing about Huck's happy life in his forever home. I made a short video of the happy meeting and you can see it here.
   Jon said that he and Erin were following the rescue of Huck's pregnant mom from a kill shelter in West Virginia-when Bonnie Blue Rescue took her in. When Huck's mom gave birth to puppies, the rescue enabled people who donated to help out, to name one of the pups, so Jon and Erin named one Huckleberry, or "Huck." This reunion is one that happened after a couple of months. It was amazing.
Joanne of Bonnie Blue Rescue shared Huck's life story with me:  Huck was one of my all time favorite fosters. I've had home since he was 8 weeks old. I think I have weakness for hounds and his face is just too cute!
Tuck gives Erin a big thank you kiss!
Jon and Erin meet Huck!
Jon and Erin meet Huck!
  I am not sure of you know the background to his story but Bonnie Blue rescued his pregnant Mom Zinnia, brought her up North and the pups were all born at one of our Volunteers homes. Those of us volunteers here in Ct. got to meet Zinnia while she was still pregnant and we had a pool for when and how many she might deliver. The pups got sick at one point and we lost one. Huck was the runt and I met the whole litter at 6 weeks. I then got to choose the 2 that I  wanted to foster. I said "Huckleberry and any of the blondes ( most of the pups were caramel colored and look Nothing like Huck!!) I got Huck and Sprout, his brother. It was the first time I've taken two young pups at the same time but it was an awesome experience!  I had a little harder time letting go of Huck, although we are on our 18th foster at this point. My saying is "I've never been so happy to be forgotten so quickly"  :)   It makes the whole experience ssooooo much better for me to know we have this wonderful network of Caring people all the way from here to Va. that make all this happen. I appreciate the tranport team immensely and wish I could just send everyone a big hug!! Its a tough world we live in and this work just fills me with joy! Thanks again for your help. I am sure it was exciting to be able to deliver such a special package!! :) Joanne

 NOTE FROM JON AND ERIN: Thank you all so very much for helping transport our sweet Huck home.  We love him already.  He is sleeping soundly in the backseat and will be meeting his big brother in just a few short hours.  We couldn't have done it without all of you.  We promise to send updates! Cheers to all, Jon, Erin, Huck and big brother Louie
For info about Bonnie Blue Rescue, visit: Bonnie Blue Rescue

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