Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ENGLAND TRIP Day 6: Part 5: Stratford Upon Avon: Old Thatch Tavern Ghost!


Old Thatch Tavern, Stratford upon Avon.
On day one in Stratford-Upon-Avon we had dinner at the Old Thatch Tavern at 23 Greenhill Street  Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 6LE, United Kingdom. The Old Thatch Tavern is a traditional old town pub, that has been licensed as a pub since 1623 and is the only thatched building in the whole town!

  The tavern was amazing. The fish and chips were fantastic. :)

  GHOST ON THE MENU - The menu had a story about a ghost that haunts the tavern. It said that a man named James Pinfield was being chased by a group of Irishmen and ran into the tavern to hide. The men found him and dragged him outside where they murdered him. The pub menu said that James Pinfield's ghost still haunts the pub today.
  OUR FEELING ABOUT JAMES PINFIELD'S GHOST - If James Pinfield's ghost is in the tavern, he was in the front part of the tavern near the bar. He didn't come near us, and we were seated in the back room . Tom didn't sense anything either because there were too many people and was too much energy in the room.

the sketch I made of Emily, who haunts the Old Thatch Tavern
THE GHOST ROB SENSED/SAW - While eating dinner, I (Rob) saw a woman walking around the restaurant, serving people. She was a ghost. She told me her name was Emily and pronounced it "Emi-lee." She had brown hait pinned up in a white bonnet. The bonnet had a black ribbon tied around the bottom of the bonnet. Emily had a white dress on with what appeared to be a dark-colored vestment on top. She was carrying a basket of several loaves of bread, with a red napkin on top of the basket and the loaves sticking out of it. She seemed to linger and walk around in the back of the restaurant. I took the time to draw a picture of her. 
  As soon as a crowd came in, my headache (which indicates I'm in the presence of a ghost or spirit) disappeared, and so did Emily.
VIDEO #1 - is the story of James Pinfield's ghost.

Startford-on-Avon Cemetery
Startford-on-Avon Cemetery
THE EERIE CEMETERY: (Note- after we left the Tavern we walked back through and old cemetery. I (Rob) sensed a lot of energy of young children (not intelligent haunting, but residual energy leftover from their bodies). I sensed a lot of them died young from the flu or measles and chicken pox. As we walked through the cemetery, we noticed that there were a LOT of gravestones of very young children, from months old to 10 years old. Although there were no intelligent ghosts, the energy left behind (like a thumbprint) told me how many of them passed. It was eerie.
    MORE INFO: Startford-on-Avon Cemetery, Evesham Road, contains 22 First World War burials, made mainly from the hospital at Clopton House. During the Second World War, there was a contingent of the Royal Canadian Air Force based at nearby Wellesbourne Mountford and of the 137 Second World War burials (most of them forming a war graves plot), 97 are of Canadian airmen. The cemetery also contains 14 war graves of other nationalities.

VIDEO #2- is Rob's experience with the ghost of
Emily, the "waitress" from the 1500 or 1600s
who haunts the back part (right side behind Rob)
of the tavern. 

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