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ENGLAND TRIP: Day 4: Part 13: Our Weird Experience at Salt TowerGhosts

List of prisoners at the Salt Tower

There are a lot of ghosts in the Tower of London, and we ran into several of them. We're already mentioned the ghost of Anne Boleyn in the chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula. One of the strangest things happened to BOTH of us at the Salt Tower. 

OUR WEIRD EXPERIENCE: THE GHOSTLY DOORWAY: The strangest thing that happened to us, happened to both of us as we were going into the Salt Tower. We were walking from tower to tower and reading the history. When we got to the wooden door that led into Salt Tower, I (Rob) opened it and walked through, closely followed by Tom. We BOTH heard a loud humming (there's nothing but a small light in the room, so it wasn't that) IN THE DOORWAY and we FELT vibrations, like pulsing of waves of energy!  Neither of us have ever experienced this before and we were both surprised. Tom looked at me and said "Did you feel and hear that?"  I said "yes," and didn't know what it was. We confirmed that it felt like electricity. *We figured later that it must be some kind of portal associated with ghostly energy. -
   There were no other people in the tower at the time. 
Inside the Salt Tower

We later learned that Lady Jane Grey's ghost was seen walking out of Salt Tower. She was queen for 9 days after Henry VIII's death. Mary's army defeated her and Jane was executed.

History of Lady Jane Grey at the Tower:   Lady Jane watched as her husband was taken to Tower Hill where he was beheaded. She saw his body being carried back to the chapel, after which she was taken to Tower Green where she was beheaded. She was only 17 years old. Lady Jane Grey’s ghost was last seen by two Guardsmen on February 12, 1957, the 403rd anniversary of her execution. She was described as a "white shape forming itself on the battlements". Her husband, Guildford Dudley, has been seen in Beauchamp Tower weeping.
Doorway of Vibrating Energy at Salt Tower

Some history of the Salt Tower (from : History - The Salt Tower was once referred to as Baliol's Tower having once imprisoned John Baliol the King of Scotland in 1297 - 1299. Another prisoner was a man named Hugh Draper of Bristol who was imprisoned in the Salt Tower in 1561 under suspicion of Sorcery. Whilst he was imprisoned in the Salt Tower he carved a huge, incredibly intricate, astronomical clock which can still be seen. The inscription records that "Hew Draper of Brystow made this sphere the 30 daye of Maye anno 1561". Jesuits were also imprisoned here and their carvings depicting religious scenes can also be seen on the walls

Haunted History of the Salt Tower. We later found out that Salt Tower is one of the most haunted areas of the Tower of London complex. We learned that dogs won't enter it. We learned later that one of the Yeoman Warders was nearly throttled by a force unseen.  In 1864, a soldier guarding the Queen’s House saw an apparition so realistic, that he charged with all his might at the intruder with his bayonet, only to go straight through the figure!

Following are reports of other ghosts (source: Other ghosts include Henry VI,   Margaret Pole, and the Princes in the Tower.  In January 1816, a sentry on guard outside the Jewel House claimed to have witnessed an apparition of a bear advancing towards him, and reportedly died of fright a few days later  In October 1817, a tubular, glowing apparition was claimed to have been seen in the Jewel House by the Keeper of the Crown Jewels, Edmund Lenthal Swifte. He said that the apparition hovered over the shoulder of his wife, leading her to exclaim: "Oh, Christ! It has seized me!" 


Other history:
The most grisly execution:  the 70 year old Countess of Salisbury, the last of the Plantagenets was murdered at the Tower of London. King Henry VIII had her executed for political reasons. The feisty Countess refused to put her head on the chopping block and ran, chased by the executioner with axe in hand. He hacked at her until she died. Her ghost has been seen reliving this truly gruesome act. Also the shadow of a great axe has been seen falling across the scene of her murder.

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