Monday, December 19, 2011

Who Votes for Them?

I would really like to know why anyone would vote for a "conservative" or tea-party Republican candidate in this upcoming election. I WILL say that I admire Jon Huntsman -he's a more moderate Republican, well-educated, well-versed in how the country runs. Why he's not leading in polls seems to be because he's not playing the religious card, and I respect him more for that. Religion and politics should remain separate as our forefathers wanted.
- Granted Obama hasn't followed through with a number of things, but he's done some good. Why the GOP Congress continually brings the gov't to the brink of shutdown over and over this year just makes them look bad.
-  For our friends that are typically Republican voters, I want you to think about these simple points. I'm not saying that Democrats are much better, but they certainly vote for things to take care of the majority of Americans.
I've come to learn that the GOP stands for:
1) Catering and Protecting people who make over  1 million dollars annually
2) Believes 1 religion should run a country containing many or no religions
3) Wants to deny civil rights for all and approves persecuting gay people to fire up a base of uneducated.
(Bachmann, Perry and others even want to "Outlaw" state gay marriage- they can't; and repeal the removal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell". Why?)
4) Wipe out medicare and give elderly people "vouchers" to find themselves health care, when they're in their most helpless stage in life. (My elderly mother wouldn't have a CLUE how to deal with that. Would yours?)
5) Reducing number of police, firemen and teachers
6) Continuing to let people making over $250K to pay less of a percentage in taxes than those making less.
7) Manipulating the uneducated with religion to get their own agenda into political power.
8) For those  who think they're fiscally conservative- think again. Our country blew a surplus from democratic President Clinton and took it to a record deficit under a republican administration. GOP is NOT fiscally responsible.
*** That's pretty much what the GOP is all about.  Want to vote for them now?

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