Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Macy's Fights Discrimination/Hate Group Uses a False Relgious Front

 I was so glad to read the article below. An employee of Macy's didn't follow store rules and discriminated against a transgender person. Now, I'll be the first to tell you that I don't know a transgender person, but some men I've met SHOULD have been born a woman, and some woman I've met should've been born a man. It happens. I don't understand how it happens, but it must be a pretty horrible struggle for them. Regardless, they're ALL people and should all be treated in a civil manner. 
 - If you're a Christian, or any other religion, and you don't agree, too bad. Plain and simple. People are all God's children- treat them all with respect.  Conservative Christian Hate groups (YES, a HATE group and there are many that call themselves "Christian" much to the disgust of other Christians who don't behave like these Barbarians) exist. One hate group called "American Family Association" tried to sue Macy's and make them adhere to their warped, hateful views when the Macy's policy CLEARLY states acceptance and tolerance. The hate group lost. Good!  
- For any Christian that supports the American Family Association, YOU are supporting a Hate Group.

Conservative Christian Hate Group Gets Mad At Macy’s LGBT Policy

Since 2007, Macy’s has received a top rating of 100 percent in the Human Rights Campaign’s evaluation of the treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people by corporations. The department store chain recently stood by its policy when the River Center Macy’s in San Antonio fired an employee, Natalie Johnson, after she told a transgender customer that she could not change in the women’s dressing room. Johnson says that her Christian religious beliefs prevent her from recognizing transgender people.
The American Family Association’s One Million Moms has stepped in to champion Johnson and sought to turn the case into a matter of religious freedom — and expressed its disdain towards transgender people — by saying that “Macy’s has fired a Christian woman for refusing to violate her beliefs” and that “the LGBT agenda has become the theater of the absurd.”
However, Macy’s policy about transgender people using changing rooms is straightforward. Macy’s senior vice president of corporate communications and external affairs Jim Sluzewski issued this statement:
“Macy’s is very proud of our philosophy of diversity and inclusion, and we welcome all customers into our stores. This includes customers of all races, ethnicities, ages, genders, faith traditions, countries of origins and lifestyle preferences. We strive to ensure that each customer is able to shop in a discrimination-free environment.”
Johnson says that, on November 30, she saw a teenager shopping:
“I made sure to keep an eye on him because he was shopping for women’s clothing,” remembered Johnson.
She said she was convinced the shopper was a man. So when she saw him in the women’s dressing room, she told him he couldn’t change there.
“I had to just straight forward tell him, ‘You’re a man,’ and of course that made him really got him steamed,” said Johnson.
The teenager was with a group of five others who reportedly reminded Johnson of Macy’s policy allowing transgender people to change in the dressing room of the gender that they identify with. But Johnson said that she “refused[d] to comply with this policy.” The next day, her manager spoke to her and reminded her of Macy’s policy, whereupon Johnson said that her religious convictions were against the policy. Johnson was fired.

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