Friday, November 11, 2011

Help from Beyond: During the Election!

Anyone who knows me, knows I (Rob) have the ability to get messages from people who have passed away - and that includes messages from my dad. During the three days Tom and I were helping campaign for my brother Doug, I got a couple of messages and help from my Dad, letting me know that he was around. 
  The first two signs happened on the first and second day that we were in Massachusetts. Right after we checked into the hotel, I found a shiny penny on the floor of the hallway on the way to our room. Pennies and other change are the easiest thing for spirits to drop to give us a sign. It's called an "apport" - when a spirit uses its energy to transport an object from one place to another.
  Here's how I KNEW it was my dad. The penny in the hotel was dated 2008. Often, the year on the penny will have some significance to the person that passed. 2008 was the year my Dad passed away, and I sensed he was around when I picked it up. That was a great comfort.
  The next day, after running around distributing some 500 flyers for the election we drove back to the hotel. When I parked the car and stepped out, there was another penny on the ground right under my foot! The year was scratched off, though, so I couldn't tell anything more.
  The third sign was an amazing feat. First, I always like to think that out of something bad comes something good. This was also the case here. At 11am I received a text message from Southwest Airlines that our 2:55 p.m. flight was canceled! I called the airline and they said in order to get on another flight, we actually had to GO to the airport! Damn! 
Rob's brother Doug holding son Brian
  - So, we finished up delivering coffee and donuts to sign holders in various polling locations, returned the coffee urns, said goodbye to my brother, sister-in-law and nephews and drove to the airport. After returning the car we went to the ticket counter. It turned out that there was an EARLY flight leaving for Baltimore in 20 minutes! The customer service person quickly put us on the plane and we ran for it (with our bags). We actually made it!  - I don't know of anyone whose flight is canceled only to secure a space on an earlier flight. I'm SURE that my dad had something to do with that.
  - As a final act, although I don't know if my dad had anything to do with my brother winning the election, but I do know that he was standing beside my brother when the polls came in announcing his win.

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