Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Dog Rescue Adventure

The ad that I posted to help find the owner- It all worked out.
Back on Oct. 17th (my birthday) I was driving to Baltimore to work at the Maryland Science Center. The life-sized model of the Webb telescope (the successor to the Hubble) was erected outside of the science center, and its as big as a tennis court. On my way there, I got a call from my friend and co-worker Lynn, who was taking the light rail there, so I told her I'd pick her up a the airport station and we could find a parking space together. - She had to switch trains, so I said I'd get her at a station in Linthicum, Md. - (and I wasn't sure I knew where it was, but found it). On the way there, I saw two little dogs running loose along the side of a lightrail train track, so I immediately pulled my pickup truck over and grabbed one while the other bolted.
 - I then drove after the other dog (a senior Pekinese dog) and finally got him, too.  As I was putting him in the truck I was trying to figure out what to do with them when a retired couple drove up and asked if they were my dogs. I told them the dogs were not mine, and I took them off the train tracks. I explained I was headed to pick  up a friend from the train station, and asked if they could hold the dogs at their house until I finished work and I would pick them up. The couple agreed to hold them and I gave them my phone number.
 - When I finished working around 2pm in Baltimore and was headed home, I called the couple. They had already called Animal Control in the County - and the dogs were taken away to the shelter!  NO!!!!!!
I was ticked off. The shelter holds dogs for 5 days and then euthanizes them. I was really pissed off.
 - I posted an ad immediately on Craigslist and two local county facebook sites, one for breaking news, one for lost dogs. I gave the county shelter information.
 - Meanwhile, the owner contacted me through the Craigslist ad, via a 2 sentence email saying they were her dogs. The next email from her said that she was going to pick them up. No word of "thanks for rescuing my lost dogs (who had NO TAGS on them and were dirty).
- I wound up calling the shelter that night and learned the woman picked the dogs up. I never heard from the woman at all.
- I DID, however get 87 emails via the Facebook posting. half were praising me for saving the dogs, and the other half were calling me nasty names for bringing the dogs to the shelter (which I didn't do - the retired couple did). It's amazing how hateful people can be when you try and do a good deed. If they only knew that I was planning on getting the dogs from the shelter after 4 days, and keeping them at our house until I found their owner, perhaps they wouldn't have been so nasty. Oh, well. The dogs are safe and back home. In the end, that's all that counts.

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