Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend Trip: Lancaster, Pennsylvania Part 3: GHOSTS

Fulton Theatre
Alleyway with supposed ghostly horses
Pennsylvania's Lancaster County is really beautiful. It's also really haunted because of all the Civil War deaths, and slaughters of native Americans. We took the Lancaster, PA Ghost walk and learned that in the building that now houses the Fulton Theatre there are several ghosts. Originally, the theater was a jail - and in the jail a number of  Native American men, women and children were  slaughtered by hateful, intolerant white men. Those men disappeared and were never prosecuted, according to the tour guide. The now theater also has the ghost of an actress in it, that haunts the main theater. ** Another story on the tour told of a wagon pulled by ghostly horses that rain through a certain alleyway. **
Troy beneath the doorway of bad energy
   I can't remember the other stories but Troy and I (Rob) both had some ghostly encounters OFF THE TOUR!! Troy is also a developing medium, and he and Rob often confirm each other's senses.

LITITZ, PA BAD AND GOOD GHOSTS - While walking through the quaint town of Lititz, PA, Rob, Tom and Troy went in a number of antique shops. If your sensitive to energy, or are a medium (or even a "medium rare" like I (rob) am)- you can feel good and bad stuff. 
THE DOORWAY OF BAD ENERGY - One shop was selling a door frame and two double doors from an Old house. I walked under it and got a headache (as I do when I sense ghosts or spirits- their extra energy overloads my head). I got chills throughout my body and it was a very uncomfortable and bad feeling. Something was wrong there. I called to Troy who walked over and stopped in the doorway. He said "I've got a headache and chills, and there's some bad energy here." CONFIRMED. Troy thought the doorway may be a portal, or we thought that something really bad (murders) happened on either side of the doors. That bad energy stayed with us as we quickly left.
Next stop: St. James Cemetery
 **CLEAN ENERGY AND A NEWSPAPER GHOST - We went into a store across the street and Tom and I entered followed by Troy. When I entered I took a deep breath and told Tom that it feels really "clean" (of bad energy) and refreshing in there. Troy then said aloud, "It's really refreshing in here- like clean air." We both noticed a female ghost (who was content to be there) at the top of the stairway leading to the 2nd floor. She "told" me that the old elevator in the middle of the building brought "rolls" of products upstairs. I thought it could've been fabric, so I asked the store clerk. She said "rolls of newspaper" were more likely as it was a newspaper office. 
Baby Ellie's tiny grave is 5th from left.

**GHOSTLY WOMAN AND NATIVE AMERICAN ENERGIES IN THE CEMETERY - There was a burial plot in the St. James Cemetery for all of the Native Americans slaughtered in the Fulton theater (when it was a jail) massacre. Troy happened to walk over near it and sensed energy and even a light. He sensed that they were all at rest.  ***While the Native Americans were resting, one caucasian woman was not. At least her ghost wasn't. As we all listened to the tour guide I saw a woman in Victorian-style clothing, a grey dress with white frilly lace sticking out from the bottom, and buckled boots, hair up in a bun, pointing to a tiny gravesite. I "heard her" in my head saying "this is my little girl" and pointing to a small gravestone!  She was pretty clear to me. Afterward, we walked over to the gravestone and it was indeed for a little girl named "Ellie." Her mother's ghost is still mourning the loss of one of her babies.
Tom and Rob arrive at President James Buchanan's House in Lancaster, PA!
The Buchanan House

Buchanan, photo by Mathew Brady
Tom at the front door.
**A GHOSTLY KNOCK FROM PRESIDENT BUCHANAN'S HOUSE** President Buchanan had a mansion in Lancaster, PA. According to Wikipedia, James Buchanan, Jr. (April 23, 1791 – June 1, 1868 was the 15th President of the United States (1857–1861). He is the only president from Pennsylvania, and the only president who remained a lifelong bachelor. He courted a woman who committed suicide. For fifteen years in Washington, D.C., before his presidency, Buchanan lived with his close friend, Alabama Senator William Rufus King. (Whom Andrew Jackson called "Aunt Fancy.") Circumstances surrounding Buchanan's and King's close emotional ties have led to speculation that Buchanan was gay. (Not surprising)
Troy sensed a presence here
Troy at the front door with "Good energy"
  Like everything else on Sunday in Lancaster County, the Buchanan home was CLOSED. So, we walked around the grounds. All three of us went different directions. In the front of the house, I felt a lot of positive energy, like Buchanan welcomed people there. He (and his partner William King) enjoyed hosting people in the home. Troy sensed the same thing. 
  Troy and I met up in the front of the house and shared our feelings about it. It was all good feelings. Troy said that he sensed a presence in the top right second floor window. I didn't get that feeling - but I wasn't looking there when he did. 
  What happened next is something I'll never forget. While Tom was in the backyard sitting on a bench admiring the building, Troy and I were in the front of the building at the right corner. We were looking at the lower right window and said, "James, if you're around, please let us know." We went on to talk about the building and SUDDENLY there was a loud knock from the INSIDE of the Window!!  
A Ghost knocked on this window from inside!
    We were both startled and looked for a way that noise could've been made. Nothing was loose.   The house was closed up and there was no one inside... except for James Buchanan!! WOW. That was one incredible audio confirmation!


Panoramic shot of the grounds of the home of President Buchanan: Credit; Troy C.

Rob and Tom in the backyard of the Mansion

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