Monday, October 10, 2011

An Auditory Message from my (late) Father!

Most of the time I post blogs about my encounters with ghosts (earth-bound) and spirits (those who crossed into the light) on my other blog (, but this one is very personal. 
  This morning, Oct. 10, 2011 the Columbus Day holiday (which I thankfully have off, although Tom doesn't) I got to sleep in after sending Tom off to work at 5am. I went back to bed and had all three dogs on the bed with me. I drifted back off to sleep until I got a "wake up call."
My dad in his 30s- how he sounded when he called today.
  At 7:51 a.m. EDT, I was in a twilight state, just waking up when I very clearly heard my father call "Robert!" from the kitchen. I responded "yeah, (I'm awake)!" as I used to when my dad would wake me up for school when I lived at home as a kid. I looked around and the dogs also seemed to have heard it. They all had their heads up and were looking around!
   The sound: It was clearly my dad's voice. In fact, since he's been gone over three years, its with difficulty that I recall what his voice sounds like- but that was HIS voice! 
  The date: So, why today? He called to me because it's a week before my birthday. Spirits will usually get in touch with someone close to them around a birthday or anniversary. Either related to the person they're giving the message or for someone the recipient knows. It's a way to confirm its them. Of course, there are many other reasons why they come through.
   Significance: This is significant to me because I usually get messages telepathically from ghosts or spirits. This was clearly auditory and even the dogs seemed to hear it! They were confused and looking around!
   Related Events: My mother (who also has the ability but is afraid of it) clearly heard her mother call her name after her mother passed away in 1958. It scared the daylights out of my mother and she ran to my dad at the time. **Tom heard his name called by his late partner Ed, when Tom visited friends and stayed in the room that used to be Ed's. Tom said he was starting to drift off to sleep when he clearly heard Ed call his name. He turned to the door, where he perceived the voice to be coming from and answered it, but there was no one visibly there. 
  Second Guessing:  It's easy to second guess yourself after this happens and try to deny it or write it off as your imagination. It's not your imagination. You didn't hear the voice in your head. You heard a voice, and they called to you because it was important that they let you know they're around you. It's also a great gift.
  As I write this, I have a headache in the back left side of my head (which tells me there's a ghost or a spirit around) and I know it's my dad. He wants to make sure I explain this correctly. He's the one that taught me the importance of reading and writing (and used to buy me comic books all the time as a kid to encourage me to read - and I still read 'em today). I have one last thing to say about this- "Thanks, Dad, for the birthday wishes. I love you and miss you."

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