Saturday, November 12, 2016

GOP Policies & Censoring Science -It Happened Before with Bush

     During the Bush Presidency, right-wing nuts infiltrated government agencies and tried to FORCE their conservative christian religion into SCIENCE research.  It made the news and was exposed after years of quiet harassment and modifying science from government agencies. NOW, it's very likely to happen again under a Trump presidency and right-wing Congress.

    At the time, the White House "science officer" had to "approve" all federal press releases. He was apparently a right-wing evangelical christian, "hell-bent" on including things like "creationism" into astrophysics research stories and forcing government agencies to stop saying "global warming" when the globe is warming.
  Every day I deal with science research and now see it may happen again. It was YEARS of torture to the scientific community.  

WHY THE CENSORING OF SCIENCE? - Because the Republican party does NOT believe in Science (or education). Their "science" is based on what they read in their bible, which makes them think the Earth is 6,000 years old instead of  4.543 billion years old as educated people know it is.

LEARN ABOUT THE CENSORSHIP IN 2006 - There was 2007 book about it called "Censoring Science" where all of this is reported.  READ IT. 
( You may recognize a name in it..)

Censoring Science: Inside the Political Attack on Dr. James Hansen and the Truth of Global Warming  by Mark Bowen

About the book: In January 2006, news broke that the Bush administration had been attempting to censor Dr. Hansen—obscuring his message and suppressing the vast body of his scientific work, which unequivocally demonstrates the reality and immense danger of global warming. Now, for the first time and with unfiltered access, writer and physicist Mark Bowen finally tells the exclusive story of Hansen’s decades-long battle to bring the truth about global warming to light. Censoring Science illuminates the real science behind global warming and maintains that we can still prevent environmental disaster, while both strengthening our economy and our national security. 

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