Monday, November 14, 2016

So. Florida #3 - Pet Expo, Amazing Visitor, Missy's Message, Doggy Companion

A basket of pugs
In blog #3 of 4 of our brief 4 day trip to south Florida, I (Rob) worked at the 2 day Pet Expo. At the expo I
gave a talk about my "Pets and the Afterlife" books and  sold them. (I sold 11, which didn't even pay for the rental car- let alone airfare and hotel).
Sylvia's sister, Rob, Sylvia
   I did meet a few nice folks, and really enjoyed talking with my neighbors in the booth next to me: Sherry and Sylvia. They were fun and made the time pass (since not many people came to my table).  
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AMAZING VISITOR - A woman named Sylva and her husband Bud, and Sylva's sister and husband all drove 6 hours from Clearwater, Florida to Fort Lauderdale to meet me! Sylva had lost her poodle named Missy earlier in the year and bought and read my newest book "Pets and the Afterlife 2" about how pets communicate from spirit. She said she was so comforted by the book that she had to drive over and meet me at the expo (she learned of my appearance on my book's website).  That was really humbling.

Two Dachshunds on wheel chairs
Rob and his black lab companion
MISSY'S MESSAGES -Sylva's sister said that she had dreamt of Missy the toy poodle after Missy passed. She also said that she felt Missy's spirit jump on her bed (spirits will go to people they know will pass the message if the person they're intended for is blocking them with feelings of grief). So, while standing there, Missy had me ask Sylva if she saw a Missy  look-alike. Sylva then recalled she did!  She said someone drove into the cul-de-sac where she lives and in their car they had a toy poodle that looked like Missy. Sylva spoke to the people in the car, and found out THAT dog's name was also "Missy"!  What an amazing sign.

The black lab who kept me company
DOGGY COMPANION - One of the people who came to the expo was a middle-aged woman who had to black Labrador Retrievers. One was on a leash and the other was very lame in his back legs and followed behind. When I saw the struggle the dog was having keeping up, I offered to let the dog stay with me at my booth, and he did. I could tell how grateful the dog was to not be dragged through the expo. At least I had company!

TOM'S BEACH WASH OUT - Tom was supposed to be at the Fort Lauderdale beach, but it rained pretty heavily on and off, so he couldn't even sit by the hotel/motel's pool. He said he spent the afternoon in the room reading a book and reading stuff on the internet.
Rob's booth at the expo


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