Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Part 3: Where do the Presidential Candidates Stand on Issues: ISIS, Foreign Policy, Death Penalty, Trade

In order for people to make an EDUCATED decision this November about the Presidential Race, we're posting positions here.     Now, YOU can compare their positions yourself over the next 2 days and make an educated decision.

The Source is http://www.diffen.com/. About the website: "This is an unbiased comparison of the political positions and policies of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, candidates for president from the Democratic and Republican parties respectively."

FOR DETAILS: http://www.diffen.com/difference/Donald-Trump-vs-Hillary-Clinton

Comparison chart

          Donald Trump                                                Hillary Clinton

Political Party              Republican                                                     Democratic

Position on Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)Trump has lambasted all trade deals — including the TPP —saying they weren't negotiated well and the terms should have been made more favorable for the United States. Clinton was more measured in her public response to the TPP. When she was Secretary of State, Clinton and her staff worked to finalize and pass the TPP trade agreement.
Position on Death Penalty Supports the death penalty; and advocates mandatory death sentences for those who kill police officers. Clinton supports the death penalty; believes it has a place in a very limited number of federal cases.
Position on Syria and ISIS (Daesh) Prefer not to have boots on the ground; rather eliminate ISIS main funding; that is to destroy the oil extraction, refineries, etc. "Bomb the s**t out of them[ISIS controlled oil fields]" Clinton supports a no-fly zone, as well as training Syrian rebels. She is for strong U.S. involvement in fighting ISIS, short of deploying boots on the ground.
Position on Iran Trump has said he would reject the Iran nuclear deal and renegotiate it. In favor of Iran agreement. As Secretary of State, laid the groundwork for sanctions on Iran and negotiations on the agreement.
Position on Afghanistan Afghanistan War was necessary. Maintaining a presence there is necessary because of proximity to nuclear-armed Pakistan. Maintain troop strength to about 5,000 soldiers. Clinton has said she'd be open to maintaining some troops in Afghanistan as necessary.
Position on TARP (2008 Wall Street bailout) Trump supported the Wall Street bailout (TARP). "Nobody really knows what impact it's going to have. Maybe it works, and maybe it doesn't. But certainly it is worth a shot." Clinton supported the TARP bailout of financial institutions on Wall Street.

THAT CONCLUDES THE COMPARISON. Make an educated decision.

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