Friday, August 19, 2016

Our Weimaraner Dolly's Scary Health Adventure

Rob and Dolly at the Vet waiting to get a CAT Scan
Several weeks ago I (Rob) noticed that our 11 year old Weimaraner, Dolly was breathing very heavily after 1 to 2 minutes into a morning walk. Being a worrying dad, we took her for X-rays and found a big black spot on her lung.

FIRST THOUGHTS - At first we thought the weather and high morning humidity may have been the reason for the very, very heavy panting at the walk onset- The weather here in the Mid-Atlantic in late July and all throughout August has been abysmally scorching. In fact, last week heat indices ran up to 100 and over most of the week, so only morning walks were the activity of the day.

So, a week ago Monday, Aug. 8th, our vet did x-rays on Dolly and found a large black spot on her right lung. Of course, it sent me into full worry mode.We made a consult appointment with Dogs and Cats Emergency Vet Hospital near us (they did a fantastic job on our Dachshund, Franklin's back surgery).If it was cancerous we wanted it out... now.

CONSULTATION REVEALS A BULLA -The internist and surgeon looked at the X-rays and said that may be a "Bulla" but a CAT SCAN was needed to confirm.

So, on Thursday, Aug. 18th, Dolly went under anesthesia and had a CAT Scan. She also had 4 growths on her skin checked for cancer.

WHAT IS A BULLA? -  it appeared to be an air-filled membrane in the lung called a Bulla. It's something dogs get and luckily it's NOT cancerous. **People get them on their skin. For some reason, dogs get them in their lungs.  The internist who looked at the CAT Scan said it IS a "Bulla." He also said  it can stay there forever unless it ruptures (and there's a low chance of it- which would me an emergency visit) . WHEW.

Dolly says "Dad, it's just hot air in a bubble. Chill out."
4 GROWTHS BIOPSIED - Dolly also had 4 growths tested, and all were benign, thankfully. Again,

SO WHAT'S CAUSING THE PANTING FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE WALK? - The doctor said she may have arthritis. SO, we gave the okay for another X-ray of her back legs (that we noticed she favored and can't jump on the bed as well anymore). 
ARTHRITIS IT IS-  The X-ray found of her back legs found advanced arthritis. About a month ago I started her on Dasequin for that very reason (I suspected). And she's also on pain killers and anti-inflammatories for a week or so to help.

So it was  much better news than we expected and we are grateful. So, Dolly will now be on joint supplements (she has been) , pain killers, and a diet!

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