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What is a Premonition?: My Experience about My Recent Trip: Airplane

Egypt Air
On May 19, 2016, a premonition I had (back in April) came true about a plane blowing up on the day

we would be coming home from our vacation. My premonition was about a plane departing from the airport we did. It turned our that was exactly what happened to a plane leaving Charles DeGaul airport in Paris, headed to Cairo, Egypt. .

As we were preparing for our vacation to Europe, as far back as January 2016 kept getting the sense that an airplane leaving the airport in Paris that we were leaving from would blow up over the ocean. I made sure that a number of people were informed about who we wanted to take care of our dogs for the rest of their lives, in case of emergency. I told Tom what I was doing and he thought I may have been paranoid - but I was being careful because I kept getting a premonition (I didn't tell Tom about it).

What is a premonition?  Is it tied into an ability to read energy?
 Does it have anything with an ability to communicate with ghosts and spirits?
A premonition is a strong sense of something that will happen in the future, especially something unpleasant.
It's not a "Deja Vu" which is an event that you sense happened before to you and there is nothing you can do to change it. It's about the future, not present time.
- I think that people who have them DO have the ability to read energy, and some can communicate with people who passed (which I can).

So, I contacted friends and family before we left for vacation and verified that they would indeed take care of our kids should something happen to us. At least I could rest easy about that.

What I didn't expect was that it would come true- for another flight that departed the same morning from the Same airport in Paris, and left one terminal away from where we left. By now, you've read that an airplane bound for Cairo, Egypt blew up over the Mediterranean Sea on May 19. The day we were flying home.

Terminal at Charles DeGaul airport
It's unnerving for a couple of reasons 1) My premonition came true 2) The plane was from the same airport 3) The plane was one terminal away 4) People lost their lives

In my book "Ghosts and Spirits: Insights from a Medium" by Rob Gutro, the spirit of my dog Buzz gave me a premonition that if I walked my new dog in the same area where Buzz was killed on the 1 year anniversary of Buzz's death, the dog's leash would open as it did with Buzz (causing his death when he ran across the street), so I heeded the premonition, and fortunately I did because I as walked with my dog Dolly thought a wooded area instead, her leash mysteriously opened. It really scared me, and I took her right back home.

Here's the story from CNN on May 21, 2016: According to CNN on May 21, "New clues emerged Friday about EgyptAir Flight 804, but there were no answers as to what caused the plane to go down in the Mediterranean Sea.There were smoke alerts near the airliner cockpit early Thursday in the minutes before it crashed, according to flight data CNN obtained Friday from an Egyptian source. The data came through the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS)...The plane carrying 66 people disappeared while flying from Paris to Cairo.Egyptian officials say they suspect terrorism, but no group has come forward to claim credit. No survivors have been found, but searchers in the Mediterranean Sea located debris on Friday, including suitcases and human remains."

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