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UPDATE: Dog Abandoned in Man's Backyard With Heartbreaking Note Finds New Forever Home

We like stories with good endings for dogs. Especially dogs who have had a terrible beginning to their  lives. Here's a story from Texas where an abused dog was abandoned in the backyard of someone's home. 

Abused Dog Abandoned in a Backyard Finds New Forever Home

THE STORY: When Houston resident Quincy Bui returned home from work one day in April 2015 he found a note on his doorstep. The note read: “My dog is in your backyard. I cannot afford her. My husband beats her and I can't let her live with us. I love her too much. Her name is Ruben-May. Thank you."
An abused Minnie after being abandoned in April 2015
According to KHOU News, when Bui checked his backyard, he found the abandoned dog, who was suffering from a skin condition and appeared to have been abused. Bui checked his security footage and saw the whole incident unfold on camera.
The footage shows a pickup truck parking outside of Bui’s Houston home and a man getting out with the dog under his arm. The man walks up to the front door and around to the back yard, where he leaves the dog. He then drives away.
“It’s just one of those crazy things,” Bui told reporters. “I don’t know what type of person would do this.”

April 2016 Update: After this story went viral, one family decided to bring this abandoned dog into their lives and give her a caring forever home. When Blaine and Amber Fuselier heard Minnie (formerly Ruben May)'s sad tale of being dumped in a backyard with a heartbreaking note attached, they knew they wanted to adopt the pup. "We really wanted to fix the situation and give her the best home possible," Mr. Fuselier tells Pet360.
    The Fuseliers were able to figure out that the dog was at the BARC Houston Animal Shelter. "I contacted the great people at BARC, and they were overjoyed to hear that we were interested in her. BARC helped us in every single way. We went to look at her and just had to take her home with us," Fuselier shares. After Minnie's skin condition healed, she was allowed to be adopted by the Fuseliers and go to her new home.
Minnie Today April 2016
The dog, who was renamed to Minnie thanks to her new pet parent's love of all things Disney, adjusted quickly to her happy and healthy fresh start. "Minnie is so full of life," Fuselier shares. "From the first day bringing her home she has been so happy. It seems like she knows who helped her and is so thankful to be alive every single day.     
    She only wants to make us happy and be around us at all times. We have two other dogs in our household that she now calls brother and sister!"
    While the Fuseliers don't know what happened with the case of Minnie's former owners, they do know that her tragic past hasn't stopped her from having a bright future. "Minnie has never shown any signs of being nervous or scared," says Mr. Fuseller. "Everyone she meets is a new friend! She is such a happy and great dog!
The Fuseliers shared updated photos of Minnie with Pet360, and you can continue to follow her exciting journey on her Instagram page.

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