Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fascinating Book: My Son and the Afterlife by Elisha Medhus

I just finished reading a fascinating Book: My Son and the Afterlife by Elisha Medhus and Highly recommend it. The book is about the amazing and detailed communications from a Doctor's teenage son who took his own life. He is channeled through a medium who provides amazing detail about the afterlife and how it works.
-Several interesting things I've learned (that I thought may have been the case) that will change your life.
Most importantly, is that "god" or the source of all light is in EVERY living thing- Animals, humans, insects, plant life. All of them have a consciousness (of course it may be somewhat difficult to imagine plants with a consciousness, but scientific studies revealed that plants emit a faintly audible 'scream' when being cut or snapped). Regardless, all living things have a "SOUL." Period. Animals, like humans all have memories, emotions, knowledge, language (of their own) and personalities. - Darker personalities are just lesser levels of light.
-    If you've lost someone you'll want to read this as it really gives a great idea of the other side (and there are no "streets of gold" or any of that which you'll find in some religions). In fact, a person's religious beliefs here on Earth often prevent them from reaching higher levels of perfection on the other side. Makes sense. If people are so fixed in a belief, they shut themselves off from learning. Often times on Earth, that's exactly what happens to the religious fanatics - they can't see beyond their beliefs to see reality.
***ONE IMPORTANT THING- If you DON'T have an open mind, and think that your religion knows what the other side is, don't read this. NO religion really knows anything about the other side. It's people who died and communicate with the living that know what lies there. 
   As someone who has received messages from people and animals that have passed, I recommend this book.
  The book has really amazing dialogue between Erik (the son who passed) and his mom, Dr. Medhus. You'll WANT to read it.  Just read it with an open mind.- Rob

Dr. Elisa Medhus never believed in life after death. As an accomplished physi­cian, she placed her faith in science. All of that changed after her son Erik took his own life and then reached out from the other side.

Intimate, heartbreaking, and illuminating, go on an incredible journey from grief and skepticism to healing and belief. Based on Medhus’s wildly popular blog, Channeling Erik, My Son and the Afterlife provides answers to the most universal questions of being human.

At once tragic and uplifting, Erik speaks from the other side with candor, wisdom, and depth as he describes his own experiences and provides new answers about the nature of souls, death, and the afterlife—answers that have the potential to change our lives forever.


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