Monday, September 28, 2015

Baltimore Comic-Con Photos Part 1: Robin, Blackhawk, Aquaman, Tom

Aquaman and Robin
I (Rob) made my annual journey to the Baltimore Comic-Con and was joined by  our friend Tom R. while my Tom stayed at home with the dogs.  This year, since I have a beard and moustache, I decided to go as Aquaman, king of the seven seas. Sometimes Aquaman had a beard, sometimes he didn't. Regardless, it was so much fun walking around in costume, meeting other costumed heroes and villains, and getting pictures together. 
   I was the ONLY one at the Comic-con dressed as Aquaman!

MEETING ROBIN - Batman's protege, Robin the boy wonder has always been a favorite character of mine, and I met a little guy who was dressed as him, so we had to stop for a picture. 

Aquaman and Blackhawk
BLACKHAWK - This was the first time I've ever seen anyone dressed up as the 1940s comic book character Blackhawk and what an outstanding job this guy did on his costume.
WHO IS BLACKHAWK? - a fictional character and the title of a long-running comic book series published first by Quality Comics and later by DC Comics. Primarily created by Chuck Cuidera with input from both Bob Powell and Will Eisner,[1] the Blackhawk characters first appeared in Military Comics #1 (August 1941).
Led by a mysterious man known as Blackhawk, the Blackhawks (or more formally, the Blackhawk Squadron) are a small team of World War II-era ace pilots of varied nationalities, each typically known under a single name, either their given name or their surname. Though the membership roster has undergone changes over the years, the team has been portrayed most consistently as having seven core members.
Rob and Tom R. enjoying Comic-con
In their most well-known incarnation, the Blackhawks operate from a hidden base known only as Blackhawk Island, fly Grumman XF5F Skyrocket planes, and shout their battle cry of "Hawk-a-a-a!" as they descend from the skies to fight tyranny and oppression. Clad in matching blue and black uniforms (with Blackhawk himself boasting a hawk insignia on his chest), early stories
pitted the team against the Axis powers, but they would also come to battle recurring foes such as King Condor and Killer Shark, as well as encounter an array of gorgeous and deadly femme fatales. They also frequently squared off against fantastical war machines ranging from amphibious "shark planes" and flying tanks, to the aptly-named War Wheel, a gigantic rolling behemoth adorned with spikes and machine guns.

NEXT: Bat-Family Women and Snow White

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