Friday, February 20, 2015

"Stupid Laws Proposed": Ban Yoga Pants

We go to yoga every now and then under the great instruction of our friend Amber. So, the following story from Montana  news caught our eye and we classify it as "Stupid Laws Proposed": Ban Yoga Pants

    Again, we ask, why do conservative lawmakers fixate on sex, sexuality, what people do in their own bedrooms, etc.?
   QUESTION FOR THE LAWMAKERS: How about all those people that walk around in Walmart in pajamas, bathing suits or  stretch pants that are too small for their frames, and show more crack than a plumber bending over? 
   (On a side note (you can google this) whenever there is a conservative conference in a big city, the porn rentals increase by several hundred percent. Seriously)
Men's yoga pants
   Now, onto the most recent stupid law. The article speaks for itself.

 Montana Lawmaker Moves To Ban Clothing That 'Stimulates The Genitals'  
     Montana state Rep. David Moore (R) is not a fan of yoga pants.
According to the AP, the Republican introduced a bill Tuesday that would extend the already-existing indecent exposure law to include any article of clothing that reveals the nipples -- men's or women's -- or "gives the appearance or simulates" one's buttocks, genitals or pelvic area.
"Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway," Moore said, according to the AP.

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