Sunday, June 15, 2014


 Last evening after dinner we were in our backyard playing with our dogs as we like to do. Our Weimaraner's favorite game is rope toss, where we toss a rope and she catches it in her mouth. Tom and I (Rob) were tossing the rope to each other and letting Dolly have it every couple of throws and she was really enjoying it. On one toss as Tom reached out to grab it, Dolly thought it was to her, and she went to grab it at the same time... which led to one of her canine teeth slicing a wound into Tom's had between his index finger and his "U.S. driver aggressive finger (the middle one)."  - Tom yelped and blood dripped out so we knew we had to RUSH to an emergency room... 
    So we RUSHED to THREE OF THEM before we were satisfied.
Stitches in Tom's hand - eeeeeewwwww!!!!

 TOM'S CONCERNS ABOUT EMERGENCY CARE IN OUR AREA -  Tom said "I had a minor mishap last evening and needed to get a couple of stitches. Can I tell you that I now have really serious concerns about the emergency medical care available in this area? Seriously. Bowie Medical. What a joke. AAMC. OMG! An unbelievable experience that is blog worthy. Finally went to Righttime in Crofton. It took over 2 hours to see a doctor. It was my first time at the facility, but somehow they managed to mix up my info up with another patient by the same name already in the system. How does that happen? If they couldn't even get my name, address, and DOB tied to the correct patient, imagine if they mixed up medical info? You could kill someone. Absolutely ridiculous.

BAD STOP #1:  Bowie Health Center-Emergency Medical Care at 15001 Health Center Dr Bowie, Md  used to be good- I was treated there for Asthma. Not good this time.  (although the Dimensions Surgery Center part was great when I had my sinus surgery).  
WHAT HAPPENED  ?-    When we went into the ER last night, a security guard directed us to a woman at a stand up desk that couldn't care what the hell was happening with anyone. Tom's hand was wrapped in a towel and the woman pushed a clipboard to the corner of the small podium-top saying "fill it out and sit."NEVER ASKED "are you bleeding severely?" nothing. THEN... she walked away. There were 3 other people waiting. SO WE LEFT.  **In the past, they didn't have that idiot at a podium but had several people taking incoming cases. That's gone and replaced with a woman who obviously didn't give a crap about the people coming in.**
 BAD STOP #2: Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) in Annapolis, Md. *
 This is the SECOND DISASTER at this place and we will NEVER RETURN. 2 years ago Tom went in for kidney stones and they refused to recognize me as his legally married husband to fill out paperwork, etc. (altho MD hadn't made gay marriage legal yet, the state recognized gay marriages outside -ours was in CT.). At that time, Tom was in agony, and I offered to fill out the paperwork- and they told me to "shut up and sit down" - they refused to recognize our marriage. Then -he waited in an ER room for over an hour and NO ONE CAME to see him. By then, the pain subsided and we were both furious, so we walked out.
  THIS TIME: Not much different. I dropped Tom off and went to park. Within 10 minutes, he called me to come back with the truck and go somewhere else. He stood at the reception desk 10 minutes as the receptionist laughed and talked with her back to him all that time. He said "Aren't you working the desk?" She was totally dis-interested. He asked if the 100+ people in the waiting room were all waiting to be seen and she finally said something: "yeah." - SO WE LEFT.

GOOD STOP#3: Righttime care in Crofton, Md. - We were greeted and addressed immediatelyand they asked the nature of the visit. They were friendly, efficient, helpful. I filled out Tom's info. We were called in back within 15-20 minutes and the nurse immediately cleaned the wound. We then waited another 90 minutes that included the doctor stitching him up. We got home at 1am. -

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What better way to recognize a life of love, than by giving another life a chance for love?
We donate to many animal rescues, but because we volunteer with
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Consider giving the chance of life to a dog or cat.

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