Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cancun Birthday Trip #8: What Was the Resort Like? / Karma and Weird People

Tom and Rob  - ready to go home!
In the Oasis Sens Resort, there were about 6 restaurants open at different times (they don't open before 6:30 a.m.).  The food was okay - filling, but nothing to write home about.  One person we met got very sick on the water in the resort's nightclub (although I drank water in the restaurants and had no issues). The waitstaff and spa people were really nice.
 - There were several pools and it was very relaxing. We also enjoying walking the beach.
 - The downside was the weather. It rained 3 of the 5 days (not all the time though) but the surf was so rough from a stationary front that red flags were up telling people not to go in the ocean (some fools did, though).
Lobby of the Oasis Sens Resort Hotel

MORE KARMA AND WEIRD PEOPLE - The resort was gay-friendly so there was a level of comfort. In fact we saw about 10 gay couples during our stay. What's weird is that they don't seem very friendly. While sitting at a table in one of the restaurants, Tom talked with two guys in their mid-20s at the next table while he was waiting for me. The two guys were from New Hampshire and this was their first trip. He asked if they wanted to join us afterward for coffee or a drink. They said they had to meet someone at the bar so that was that.  - An hour later as we were about to leave they came back and sat and talked with us for 30 minutes. We talked about dogs, New England and vacations and it was nice. They suggested meeting for lunch and dinner the next day at 1pm af 6pm so we said okay. They didn't show and didn't leave a message. Tom later  ran into one of them who was somewhat aloof  and somewhat short. We didn't get it. The next day, they saw us sitting in a restaurant and walked by without waving or anything. People are weird.
Tom hiding from weird people!
  When you treat others poorly or act strange it comes back to you. That's karma. At the end of our short stay we learned that one of the young guys got some kind of food poisoning after they ignored us. I never wish bad things on people, but it's a lesson to keep in mind: What you give is what you get.
the flight home!
CHECKING OUT:  Check out was a little more complicated because of all the little papers they give you, and you have to check your bags with the bellman and he calls you in the lobby when your shuttle arrives... he needs the ticket he gave you for the luggage but also the small 2 inch receipt from the front desk that shows you paid for your room (which I had to search for!).      It was a good trip, but I would recommend that people leave EARLY in the morning for the airport for earlier flights.  Our transport was 11am for our 2pm flight (which was ample time) but we struggled to think of what to do in the morning after breakfast.


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Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!
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