Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cancun Birthday Trip #1: Arrival

Flying to Cancun!
 Tom turns 50 (shhhh!) on the 23rd, and he wanted to go somewhere warm to celebrate, so I took him to Cancun. We went to AAA travel where Melanie put together a great and organized trip for us.
Cloudy on Day 1
Tom's first Cancun Margarita!
  We had been to Cancun, Mexico only once before during a cruise excursion where we took a bus to the Mayan ruins of the city of Tulum so we never experienced the downtown area or the hotels, beaches, etc. This time we took it all in.
  We left on Thursday, Nov. 14 and it took 3 1/2 hours to fly there via AirTran airlines. The flight was on-time.
  Thanks to the AAA Travel Agent organizing a shuttle, the airport and transfer went very well back and forth.
We made it to the hotel!

Tom in the driveway of Oasis Sens- it was high up!

THE RESORT -   The resort was nice. It's called Oasis Sens and there are several Oasis-related all-inclusive resorts along the beach strip. There's basically a strip of beach that extends from the coast like a backwards "C"  and the east side of the 16 mile strip is peppered with hotels on the beach front facing the Gulf of Mexico. The other side of the strip holds a lagoon, and there's not much on that side (west side).  Walking down the strip isn't really an option - the sidewalks just go past all the resorts. 
   Check in was easy enough. People spoke Spanish and English. Well, some spoke "Spanglish" and were a little hard to understand.

A cloudy welcome
ROOMS - The rooms were nice- mostly all in white  and we had a Gulf of Mexico beach view so we could hear the large waves crashing all the time outside. The air conditioning struggled to keep up with the excessive humidity so everything paper we brought to read would up getting somewhat soggy!  The floors throughout the room and hotel were tile. So the wet hallways always made it a challenge to walk sometimes. Fortunately we didn't fall. :)  I made a little video of our room.

Uh-oh! Tom was out of Margarita!
CLOUDY WITH RAIN - We arrived in the mid-afternoon on the first day and it really wasn't a beach day. In fact, it was cloudy and breezy. There was a stationary front on top of the Yucatan Peninsula that would be hanging around for a couple of days keeping the clouds, the wind and the very, very rough surf. 

MARGARITAVILLE- Tom loved his margaritas. Here's a picture of him after his margarita ran out! :)


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