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UK Trip #29: Encounter with the Ghost of George Boyeln Inside Hever Castle

After going through the famous Hever Castle gardens, we finally went inside the castle. Unfortunately, no photos or videos were allowed in the castle, so I don't have any pictures from inside (although the Internet did!). Hever Castle was  filled with a lot of ghostly energy and this blog will take you on a "Ghost Tour in Hever Castle."

SOME CASTLE HISTORY:  It is not known if Anne was born at Hever (the year of her birth is not certain) but she lived there until she was sent to the Netherlands in 1513 to receive an education at the court of the Archduchess Margaret. While Henry VIII was courting Anne, he often used the nearby Bolebroke Castle. Hever became Henry VIII's property after the death of Anne's father, Thomas Boleyn, in 1539. He bestowed it upon Anne of Cleves in 1540 as part of the settlement following the annulment of their marriage. Hever Castle still has one of Henry's private locks, taken with him on his various visits to noblemen's houses and fitted to every door for his security.

GEORGE BOYELN'S GHOST COMMUNICATES - As soon as we walked through the main entrance of the castle I (Rob) instantly developed my ghostly headache that indicated I was in the presence of a ghost, and I heard "I'm George." I didn't know Anne Boleyn's brother's name, so I asked Tom "Who is George?" That's when Tom told me he was Anne's brother that got executed with Anne. George is an intelligent and active haunt in his boyhood home (Hever Castle). I got a number of other messages from him in a short time that proved he was there and talking with me.

WHO WAS GEORGE BOYELN? - George Boleyn, 2nd Viscount Rochford (c.1503 /c. April 1504 to May 17,1536) was an English courtier and nobleman, and the brother of queen consort Anne Boleyn. This made him the brother-in-law of King Henry VIII and the maternal uncle of Queen Elizabeth I of England. A prominent figure in the politics of the early 1530s, he was convicted of incest with Anne during the period of her trial for high treason. They were both executed as a result.

GEORGE'S MESSAGES -  After walking through the entryway and hearing George identify himself by name we walked into the first room, or the Inner Hall. It was there that I got a lot more information. I was standing near the windows of that hallway, and I felt George walk through my left side. I looked down and only my left side had chills. George's ghost told me that he would show us his boyhood home, and then he asked "Can you help me?" He wanted help crossing over so he could find peace. After more messages from George, I told him to go into the light and cross over.


GEORGE'S BIGGEST REGRET George had a clear message to me: "I should never have gone to court." He meant that he should never have gone to Henry VIII's court - because Henry VIII had him beheaded. 
GEORGE'S HAPPIEST MOMENT IN LIFE - It became obvious to me that George loved his sister Anne very much and was very proud of her.  The last thing George said to me was the year "1532" as a time that he was most happy. When I got home and searched the year and association with George, it turns out that on Sept. 1, 1532  his sister Anne became the Marquess of Pembroke!

According to "," This was significant for a number of reasons, the first being that no other woman had ever been bestowed with the title, secondly, the earldom of Pembroke had previously been held by Henry’s great-uncle, Jasper Tudor, and so had strong royal connections (Starkey, p.459) and finally the title made Anne the most prestigious non-royal woman in the realm. With the title came property. Antonia Fraser states that Anne received, ‘five manors in Wales, another in Somerset, two in Essex, and five in Hertfordshire including Hunsdon and Eastwick; these were added to the two manors she already received in 1532 in Middlesex’.

The ceremony itself was a lavish affair and witnessed by many members of the nobility. It seems likely that Henry conferred the title on Anne as a way of increasing her social status so that her upcoming marriage to the king might be better received but it’s also possible that it was a ‘gift’ to Anne for having waited out the king’s long and painstaking divorce from Catherine of Aragon. Anne Boleyn was now ready for the European stage.


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