Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reflections of Sprite and Thanks

Tyler cuddles up to Sprite
Sprite loved his tee-shirts because he got cold
Sprite, Franklin, Tyler and Dolly 2012

Thanks to all for the messages and condolences about Sprite's passing yesterday. 

Our senior Dachshund, Sprite, was over 16 1/2 years old and was in failing health for the last couple of years. Last night, Sprite passed peacefully at the vet's office with Tom and I by his side. 
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Sprite July 8, 2013
Today, I just wanted to provide some more of our favorite pictures of Sprite over the 2 1/2 years that we were fortunate enough to have him and a few more special notes of thanks.  

Sprite, Franklin, Tyler and Dolly loved being together

He came to us in December 2010, less than a month before he turned 14. He was in poor health, but THANKS to Melissa Ball and Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue (please donate if you can - they have a lot of dogs and cover their medical expenses: Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue- donations), Sprite got a lot of great care while we had him as a foster dog.
Us with our kids (before Tyler arrived)
    In addition to being loved unconditionally here at home, Sprite had some special people in his life who loved and helped care for him.


Mom and Bob (Tom's parents) - who loved caring for Sprite whenever we took trips. They would always look forward to taking Sprite for long weekends or any time they could. They spoiled him all the time with his favorite soft treats and lots of hugs and walks. I remember many times talking on the phone with Bob about us going away and the first thing he said was "Can we take Sprite?"
Yolie - Our friend and neighbor lets our kids out if we have to be out an extended period of time, and has been a wonderful aunt to them. Yolie noted that this past week Sprite couldn't get out of bed when she came over, and she had to help him out - she knew it was his time, too.

Sprite, Franklin and Dolly loving the backyard
Elvina -Our friend and neighbor Elvina is a big dog lover, and had 4 Yorkies years ago. She always looks forward to our walks by her house so she can come outside and give all our kids some loving.

Thanks to all our friends and family - who have spoiled Sprite during his time with us (there are too many to name).

Melissa Ball - Our friend and coordinator of Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue, thanks for allowing us to foster and adopt Sprite. He was the most obedient dachshund I've ever known, and just an old, gentle soul.
Sprite on his orthopedic bed with favorite blanket

Cuddling with Daddy Tom


The kids hanging out with friend Cooper

Where's my pupperoni?

Cuddling with Tyler

Gift/Memorial Suggestions

Several of our friends have lost loved ones (human and pets) and we found that one of the best ways to honor their memory is to give to an animal charity.
What better way to recognize a life of love, than by giving another life a chance for love?
We donate to many animal rescues, but because we volunteer with
DC Weimaraner Rescue and Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue, those are our 2 favorites.
Consider giving the chance of life to a dog or cat.

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Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!
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