Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birth-control rule riles religious leaders, GOP

I (Rob) just read this article:  Birth-control rule riles religious leaders, GOP. They say insurance mandate is unjust, infringes on rights.

I say TOO BAD. These religious hospitals are businesses and NOT religious institutions. Churches are ALREADY EXEMPT.
- I want to hear from our female friends on their opinions of using birth control. What do YOU think?
Why don't these politicians ask WOMEN?
DID YOU KNOW: CBS News reported that 98% of Catholics AGREE to use birth control. 
Besides- the people that work in these "religious" hospitals  DON'T NEED TO USE birth control if they don't want it. It's just that it needs to be made available. Period. 

   Conservative Republicans and Some Churches (Sadly, the Catholic Church that I USED to be a part of and have now gone OVER the political fence to Conservative wackos)  have gone TOO FAR. It seems that the GOP and churches would rather give people NO health care and see them suffer and die- as a crowd in one of Ron Paul's gatherings yelled. That crowd chanted "let people die!"

On another note- There are more than enough children around without parents. - Go watch Judge Judy for a couple of days. People on there have 2,3,4,5,6, 7 children with DIFFERENT fathers!!!  These kids are sentenced to a life of poverty. Birth control is a good answer in my opinion. 
  I would like to Hear from friends and find out how many of you used birth control or believe in it.

WASHINGTON — Angry Republican lawmakers and religious leaders say they’ll fight a controversial federal requirement that church-affiliated employers offer benefits covering birth control.
TN Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander this week signed onto a bill by Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida that would exempt employers from providing health-insurance coverage for contraceptive services if they oppose such services on religious grounds.

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