Friday, May 27, 2011

Boston Globe- Medicare Saved

There's a lot of misinformation in politics today on all sides, but one thing that really pisses me off is that the Republican Party is trying to put the screws to our elderly by making Medicare into an $8000 a year voucher system. That means elderly people get that voucher to pay for all of their costs all year. *So, if your grandma breaks her hip, there goes the entire voucher. What if she needs medication later? Gets pneumonia? Has to go to the ER? Gets the flu and needs to visit the doctor?  The Republican Answer to the Elderly: "TOUGH LUCK. FIND A WAY TO PAY FOR IT."
   Unfortunately, it's a lot of Seniors that vote Republican because they're fooled by the mask of conservativism and the use of religion to get votes.  Hopefully, they will get the information and realize that it is NOT to their benefit to take a GOP-sponsored voucher. I personally think it's Cruel.

GOP’s Medicare plan falls in Senate

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats voted down a Republican budget yesterday along with its controversial plan to partially privatize Medicare, a vote that forced many GOP senators to endorse cuts to a popular program deeply valued by older voters.
In Tuesday’s special election in upstate New York, Democrat Kathy Hochul scored an upset by railing against the Republicans’ proposed Medicare overhaul.

The 2012 budget that House Republicans approved along party lines last month contained deep cuts and would have transformed the government-run Medicare program into a voucher system, with a fixed payment provided to seniors that they could use to purchase insurance. It also would have raised the Medicare eligibility age to 67 from 65. 

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