Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sprite's Major Teeth Removal

Our foster dog Sprite (the 14 yr old Dachshund) has more dental issues than I (Rob) do... that's a lot. Today we brought him back to the vet for removal of more teeth. When we took him in as a foster dog in December his breath could kill a room full of people. His teeth were rotted, his little mouth infected. He was neutered and 7 teeth beyond repair were removed. More teeth, however, were also rotting and his gums were infected.
Dolly (R) watching Sprite (L) drink after he came home.
  Despite brushing, nutradent in his water (to limit bacteria in the mouth), and dental treats, his teeth declined. The ones that were partially bad finally got beyond saving last month. It was painful for him to eat and we had to water his food down and give him soft food. **So, we contacted the rescue and we split the bill for the removal of 13 MORE TEETH today. Now has 5 teeth left on his bottom jaw, and only 3 left on his top jaw. They had to give him stitches in his little mouth. OUCH.
  I know that he has to have soft food for the rest of his life, but when I saw it in writing tonight at the vet, my heart sank.Poor little guy.
  He'll be on antibiotics, a rinse after every meal, and pain medication for quite awhile. He's such a good boy, too. When I took him home, he walked in and Dolly and Franklin (our Weimaraner and Dachshund) came over and sniffed his mouth, and walked him over to the water dish, where Sprite lapped up a little water. Sprite then walked to the back door, so I went outside with him (he was still in a stupor) and did both businesses outside. Despite being "out of it," Sprite is now perfectly housetrained - enough to even go outside when feeling poorly. Hopefully, he'll recover quickly. 

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